Big Brother Canada 9 Episode 19 Recap: Will The Sunsetters Stick Together?

On Monday’s Big Brother Canada 9 episode, Jedson took the Head of Household crown.  As Head of Household, he set his sights on Tera. Tera made a big show during the HOH competition, and she said everyone was playing for Jedson to win BBCAN9. This started an argument between Kiefer and her, and Jedson thought her statements put a big target on him.

Breydon also became a major topic of discussion, because he’s now with the trio but has been on the other side most of the game. However, Beth believed that the big move for this week would be to go after Kiefer instead, but she discussed this alone. This week’s Power of Veto competition has the potential to seal Tera or Breydon’s fate or change the direction of this week.

BBCAN9 Week 7 Nominations Fall-Out

Now that the BBCAN9 jury portion has begun, we’re starting to see a more feisty side of Tera. We’re sure she won’t go gently into the Big Brother Canada 9 jury house, so let’s see if she rages on.

In the Diary Room, Tina talks about not being worried that she’s going home. Jedson, Kiefer, and Tychon talk about putting up at Breydon if Tera wins the Veto. He then tells Tina that a backdoor is possible with Tina and Tera not going home but Breydon going out instead.

Tera then works on getting Beth on her side. Tera tells Beth that she’s closest with Kiefer and Tina. She says she only sees her possibility of going to the finals with her (Tera) instead of Jedson and Tychon. They say the jury will credit her moves as Tychon and Jedson’s moves.

Beth then tells Jedson what Tera told her. She says in the Diary Room, that she will cut Tychon or Jedson to win the $100,000.

BBCAN9 Week 7 Power Of Veto Competition

This is Tina and Tera’s chance to keep TnT in the game. This week, we’re down to the final seven houseguests, so only two people won’t be playing in the Power of Veto competition, the Head of Household and whoever’s name isn’t drawn this week.

Everyone, but Breydon was picked to play in the Veto competition.

The day before, the houseguests were shown tiktok videos. They then had to complete challenges based on what they saw.

The first task involved stacking blocks while blind folded. Tera is the first one to complete the first challenge.

Then Tina and Beth join her in the next round. Kiefer and Tychon are eliminated.

The second competition involves searching for recipe cards to fill out a sheet based on the tiktok videos. They also have to make sure they convert it to the right metric system.

Tina and Tera advance to the final round.

The final round involves Tina and Tera bouncing balls on a paddle to get it in a cup. The first person to do it wins the Power of Veto.

Tera wins the Power of Veto

BBCAN9 Week 7 Power of Veto Ceremony

Jedson then considers taking out Kiefer because he’s a big target, in terms of wins and jury votes. Tina advises Kiefer to not joke about his wins in front of the guys, and she worries that he might go up.

Breydon talks with Jedson alone and points out that Kiefer is perfectly placed in the middle.

Kiefer starts to suspect that he might go up. He tells his suspicions to Tychon.

Jedson’s decisions this week could really impact the future of his game. Will he make the right ones for him?

Right before the POV Ceremony, Kiefer decides to talk to Beth, Jedson, and Tychon about him possibly going up.

Jedson, Tychon, Beth, and Kiefer all get emotional as it’s revealed that Kiefer is going on the block.

Tera uses the Veto on herself. Jedson nominates Kiefer as her replacement nominee.

Tomorrow either Tina or Kiefer will go home.


  • One person will be sleeping in the ball pit. Tera and Jedson must then play Hide-N-Seek to determine who will sleep in the ball pit. Beth is the last person found. She picks Tychon to sleep in the ball pit.
  • She picks Tychon as part of her revenge for his pranks last week, and just in case there is a power, she rather him find it.

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