Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 7 HOH Results

Well, the Big Brother Canada 9 houseguests had one intense night with the first (and possibly only) double eviction of the season. The dreaded double eviction sent two players to the BBCAN9 jury. It took out Victoria and Rohan, two huge players. Now only seven players remain to fight for the Big Brother Canada 9 title and prize. With only seven players left, every competition win is crucial. Alliances can only get you so far with the temptation of victory near. Kiefer won the double eviction Head of Household, so he’s the only player ineligible to compete for it. As of now, all the players (minus Beth) competing for HOH have yet to win one. This means there is a huge possibility that someone this week will be HOH for the first time in the season.

It’s also the Big Brother Canada jury portion of the game. This makes people turn up their game more, and it also makes them more careful of saying and doing the right thing to get the votes in the end.

Big Brother gave them somewhat of a break by delaying the Head of Household competition until Friday morning/afternoon.

BBCAN9 Week 7 Head of Household Results

  • Jedson won the Head of Household!

It’ll be interesting to see what Jedson does as this week’s Head of Household. He knows Kiefer, in terms of comp wins, is the one to beat but Kiefer has been very loyal to the Sunsetters. I would be shocked if he went after him. Instead, some combination of Tina, Tera, and Breydon will likely be this week’s target. Normally, the nominations happen on Fridays, but a few times this season they’ve happened on Saturday morning before the Veto competition. Therefore, I am not sure if nominations will be today or tomorrow. Either way, we’ll let you know who Jedson nominates. Are you happy with his win? And that the trio lives another week.

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