Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 7 HOH Nominations

If you asked us seven weeks ago would a Big Brother Canada 9 trio be making it to the top six players, I would say no way in hell, but here we are. Beth, Tychon, and Jedson are on track to make it to the top six players. This means they will make up 50 percent of the house by next week. We know a BBCAN9 twist is coming soon, but I don’t think it’s coming this week. With the trio making it to the top six, it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibilities of them making it to the top five, and if they do, I think it may be game over for the rest of the Big Brother Canada houseguests.

Jedson won this week’s Head of Household, which means Beth and Tychon are safe this week. On Thursday, it’ll be Beth and Tychon against three other players and only one of them has been consistently good at competitions. Before we jump ahead to next week, let’s come back to this week. Jedson plans to play it safe this week and go after Breydon or Tera. Neither of them have won competitions yet, but Breydon has been close to winning a few, and Tera made it pretty obvious that she’s not on the trio’s side.

This may seem like a lackluster move but I think it’s an okay one for the trio. Kiefer is the biggest threat to their win, but he’s also proven time and time again that he’s loyal to them. Taking him out this week loses an ally and possibly a jury vote. Things could change once the Veto happens later today, but for now, expect Tera or Breydon to leave this week. Initially, the plan was to nominate Tina and Tera, and if one of them won, Breydon would go up and out of the game. If nominations stay the same, Tera would leave.

BBCAN9 Week 7 Nominations

  • Jedson nominated Tina and Tera for eviction.

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