Who Went Home Tonight? BBCAN9 Double Eviction Recap (4/08/21)

Tonight is the big night! It’s the Big Brother Canada 9 double eviction. One week of gameplay will play out in one night, and two players will become part of the BBCAN9 jury. The first eviction is a showdown between Victoria and Tera. Head of Household Beth set her target on Victoria. Now, she just has to make sure that everyone sticks to their word to vote out Victoria.

Once the first evictee leaves, the real fun begins. Get ready for your hearts to begin racing as the houseguests go through one hell of a night. We’re excited! Let’s get into the BBCAN9 double eviction recap.

BBCAN9 Week 6 Power Of Veto Ceremony Fall Out

Victoria wasn’t expecting her replacement nomination and backdooring, so Spicy Vee is going to put on her Big Brother hat and go to work, even if it means getting a little confrontational. 

The houseguests get a little worried with Victoria on the block. They even try to hide from her. Beth tells Victoria that she heard that their names were coming out of her mouth, Victoria says that she thought her role in the Ghost Peppers was to play both sides and get them information.

Tera works on getting Kiefer, Breydon, and Rohan on her side to keep her votes.

We get a house meeting and a bunch of secrets come out, like about the Oddballs, that Victoria was the Invisible HOH and tried to blame it on Tychon. Victoria tells Tera that she doesn’t deserve to be in the game because she talks about not going to jury.

After the Veto, Breydon has to do damage control about the Oddballs alliance. He has to deflect guilt from him.

BBCAN9 Week 6 Eviction Vote

Who will the BBCAN9 houseguests vote out now that they know tonight is a double eviction?

Breydon voted to evict Victoria

Jedson voted to evict Victoria

Kiefer voted to evict Victoria

Rohan voted to evict Victoria

Tina voted to evict Victoria

Tychon voted to evict Victoria

Victoria is evicted and becomes the first member of the BBCAN9 jury.


BBCAN9 Week 6.5 Head of Household

Who will take home this much needed HOH win?

Houseguests must decide if something happened before or after an event. They earn points for every question they get right.

Kiefer, Breydon, and Tychon are in the lead after two questions. After fourth round. Kiefer is in the lead.

Kiefer becomes the new Head of Household!

BBCAN9 Week 6.5 Nominations

Kiefer nominates Rohan and Breydon.

BBCAN9 Week 6.5 Power of Veto Competition

The players picked were Tina, Beth, and Tychon. They played along with Breydon and Rohan. It was a maze that houseguests had to maneuver around a board to the end.

Tina and Tyhcon was in the lead.

Tychon won the Power of Veto.

BBCAN9 Week 6.5 Power of Veto Ceremony

During the break, Rohan tries to campaign for Tychon to use the Veto on him. Breydon also campaigns to him.

Tychon decides to not use the Veto.

BBCAN9 Week 6.5 Eviction Vote

Beth voted to evict Rohan

Jedson voted to evict Rohan

Tera voted to evict Rohan

Tina voted to evict Rohan

Tychon voted to evict Rohan

Rohan is evicted from the BBCAN9 house.

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