Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Who Will Go Home In The Double Eviction?

The Big Brother gods granted Beth’s wish with Victoria sitting on the block this week. Now she’s putting all her hope in Victoria actually leaving the Big Brother Canada 9 house tonight. Beth has been set on evicting Victoria all week. It started with some indecision as she debated doing what was best for her game versus best for her alliance’s game. She nominated Tera and Rohan, but hoped that Rohan would win the Veto and allow a backdoor Victoria plan.

Like clockwork, Rohan won the Power of Veto, and Victoria became the target. Victoria is a true Big Brother fan, so she knows that it’s not over until finale night. She’s a fighter and that’s just what she’s been doing all week. Fighting to keep her place in the BBCAN9 house.

Unlike previous Big Brother Canada weeks where players just accepted their fate, this wasn’t the case this week. Both Tera and Victoria have been trying to keep themselves from the jury house. And it hasn’t necessarily been set in stone all week. Most of the Big Brother Canada 9 house has been committed to voting out Victoria, but she knew that if she got Jedson, Tychon, Beth, and Kiefer on her side, then her game wasn’t completely over.

Tychon and Jedson have really considered keeping Victoria because they just don’t have trust in Tina and Tera anymore, but they also don’t see them as strong competitors, at least not on the same level as Victoria. Beth also really wants this move on her resume. She doesn’t want her big Head of Household move to be taking out Tera.

She also knows that Victoria may be loyal to Jedson, Tychon, and possibly Kiefer, but she’ll never be completely loyal to her. Last night, after many pitches from Victoria, the Sunsetters made the final decision to vote out Victoria tonight. Victoria will be the first member of the jury.

Now when it comes to the second member, that could get complicated. I think it’ll definitely depend on who wins Head of Household and Veto, but the players most likely in danger are Rohan, Jedson, and Beth. Tychon could also be in danger, but Beth and Jedson are bigger targets than him at the moment. Breydon could go if Rohan wins Veto and Tychon, Jedson, or Kiefer wins Head of Household. I think the safest is probably Kiefer and Tina, but they could quickly change if the right variables fall into place.

Which two players do you want to see leave in this Big Brother Canada 9 double eviction?

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