Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 6 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

If you like Big Brother Canada drama, then this may be the time to turn on the Big Brother Canada 9 live feeds at some time today. All weekend, Head of Household Beth has been planning how to bring the maximum amount of chaos. She may get her wish today, depending on how this week’s replacement nominee responds to the blindside. On Saturday, Rohan became the BBCAN9 Veto king by winning his third consecutive Veto competition.  On Thursday, Beth made Rohan her initial target, but she wasn’t entirely convinced about this plan.

She knew it benefited Tychon and Jedson way more than it helped her game. She had to make a bolder move to really advance her game and beef up her Big Brother Canada 9 resume. This made Rohan’s Veto win the perfect opportunity for a backdoor.

Besides Jedson, Tychon, Rohan, and herself, the biggest target in the game is Victoria. Victoria has won the most Head of Households so far, and she is floating around the game. Victoria is also a major threat to Beth’s personal game as she has talked about getting her out the game, and even plotted against her multiple times. Victoria is the right move for Beth, but it won’t be an easy move.

Jedson and Tychon are most loyal to Beth, but they also have an alliance with Victoria. They know they have to get rid of her this week, especially after Beth puts her up, because the damage will be done, but I don’t doubt that they’ll be tempted to keep her and may try to convince Beth to agree to it. We’re into a chaotic rest of the week with Victoria on the block and campaigning.

BBCAN9 Week 6 Power of Veto Ceremony

  • Rohan used the Veto on himself. Beth named Victoria as his replacement.

Do you think Spicy Vee will be able to save herself from eviction? I think it’s possible, so this week’s Double Eviction just got a lot more interesting.

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