Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 6 HOH Results

Big Brother Canada 6 Arisa Cox

Last week was another crazy Big Brother Canada 9 week. We had a secret and Invisible HOH causing havoc. The BBCAN9 viewers know that this week’s HOH was Victoria. This is Victoria’s second HOH win (third if you count her saving her team in the first week). She’s becoming a competition beast and a player to fear. She could make history tonight by becoming the second player in Big Brother Canada history to win two consecutive HOHs. 

Because the Invisible HOH was a secret, Victoria once again is eligible to play in this week’s Head of Household competition. Victoria has set herself up nicely in the game, so she doesn’t need to win this Head of Household competition, but her pride may make her try again to win.

The Head of Household competition really began last night in the BBCAN9 house. Houseguests were shown clips that they had to study and memorize for this week’s Head of Household competition. We don’t know yet which houseguests are good at memory competitions, so this HOH could really be anyone’s to win. The trio of Jedson, Tychon, and Beth need the win the most. 

They managed to escape the block for five straight Big Brother Canada 9 weeks, but with the houseguests dwindling, and them looking like a big juicy threesome target, one or at least two of them will likely see the block if they don’t win the Head of Household competition. Kiefer is the only houseguests who might not put two of them up, but everyone else likely would do it. So who won this week’s BBCAN9 Head of Household competition? Read below to find out!

In a rare moment, we watched this week’s Head of Household competition play out live. The houseguests were woken up all throughout the night as they watched pictures of the BB Calendar. They then had to answer questions based on it. They had to pick a or b. If a player answered wrong, they were eliminated. The player to remain after the final round would become HOH. It came down to a tie-breaker question between Jedson and Beth.

BBCAN9 Week 6 Head Of Household Results

  • Beth won Head of Household!

Make sure to join us all weekend to see who the latest HOH nominates for eviction, and whether one of those nominees comes off the block with the Power of Veto competition and ceremony results. Beth has been trying to play nice with everyone, so it will be interesting to see who she goes after. I believe Tychon and Jedson are safe this week, but no clue about anyone else. Add us on Facebook, Twitter, and download our app to keep up with all the BBCAN9 news, spoilers, exclusives, recaps, and more.