Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: BBCAN9 Week 6 Nomination Plan

BBCAN9 Tychon, Beth, and Breydon

Big Brother Canada 9 is in for an exhausting week, and the BBCAN9 houseguests don’t even know that it is coming. On Thursday’s BBCAN9 Live Eviction episode, host Arisa Cox announced that this Thursday is the first double eviction of the season. This means that instead of one player entering the jury house, there will be two. Luckily (or maybe unluckily) for Beth, she will be determining the first player to leave the Big Brother Canada house on Thursday.

Beth has just become the new Head of Household.  This means that Beth’s allies will be safe this week. Beth is very much in a trio with Jedson and Tychon, so neither of them should see the block this week. She’s also still sort of loyal to the Sunsetters, which means Tina and Kiefer should also be pretty safe this BBCAN9 week. This leaves Beth with only a few nomination options: Tera, Rohan, Victoria, and Breydon.

Rohan and Kyle were out to separate the trio most of the Big Brother Canada 9 season so far. While Jedson and Tychon were out to take out Kyle and Rohan. They got Kyle out a few weeks ago, so it makes sense for them to target Rohan next. However, Rohan would probably nominate Beth if Jedson or Tychon came off the block, but she would probably be lower in his target order than them. The real threat to Beth’s game is Victoria. Victoria has had it out for Beth for a while. She even tried to pin LaToya’s eviction on Beth.

As of now, Beth plans to nominate Rohan and Tera, with Rohan being her target. She wants to tell him that Tera is her target or that a backdoor option may be possible. Now if Rohan comes off the block, then this week gets interesting. Beth has spoken about possibly backdooring Victoria this week.

She may go back on this idea and play it safe by nominating Breydon and evicting Tera, but the Veto could really spice this week up. Beth will officially be making her nominations later today, so stay tuned!

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