Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 6 HOH Nominations

Beth holds the Head of Household power this week. She could play it safe and get out a houseguest that’s floating around, strike at a duo, or make a bold move that would help her longterm game. The beautiful thing about Big Brother Canada, and Big Brother in general, is that you can’t determine what’s the right move for any one player. Self-appointed Big Brother experts can claim one thing is the right move, but nothing is ever certain in the game of Big Brother.

Some may say Beth needs to get out Tychon to have Jedson to herself, some may say she needs to take out Victoria to get out one game enemy, and others may say that Rohan is the best option because he would strike at her threesome. All these options could get Beth further in the game or completely destroy it. Big Brother Canada has far too many variables to make anything a certain bet.

This means that the houseguests have to do what they feel is the best move for their overall game. This week Beth feels that targeting Rohan is the best BBCAN9 move for her game. She may prove right in the end, or we could watch this move come back to haunt her. We’ll all only know once the Big Brother Canada finale ends and one person is crowned the winner.

BBCAN9 Week 6 Nominations

  • Beth nominated Rohan and Tera for eviction.

Rohan has been on a Power of Veto hot streak, so I wouldn’t count him out just yet. I can easily see him winning the Veto and Beth having to reshuffle her plan for this week. We’ll know for sure who won this week’s Power of Veto competition tomorrow, and if that means Tera or Rohan will come off the block.

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