Who Went Home Tonight? BBCAN9 Week 5 Eviction Recap (4/1/21)

This has not been a particularly good Big Brother Canada 9 week for Austin, Breydon, the Oddballs, and their fans. In fact, Austin has been having a bad few weeks. Last week, she found herself on the block after making a deal with HOH Kiefer to not go on the block. Then she saw a close ally, Kyle walk out the BBCAN9 doors. This week, she was nominated in secret by a former Oddball Victoria. Then another ally Rohan won the Power of Veto, so she thought she had finally got a lifeline.

Instead, Rohan didn’t want to risk someone else going on the block, so he decided to sacrifice Breydon and Austin. Tonight, Austin will either see one of her closest allies walk out the BBCAN9 doors or she will herself. Victoria also has a lot of stress tonight because she needs to keep her Invisible HOH under wraps.

All week, Victoria has spoken about trying to get Austin out of the game. She wants Austin gone but she can’t push too hard or her true intentions will show to the other houseguests. Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 9 eviction should be another interesting one.

BBCAN9 Week 5 Power OF Veto Ceremony Fall-Out

Rohan decided not to use the Veto. Austin and Breydon claimed to understand that Rohan had to do what was best for his game, but they can’t be too happy about it. Victoria has executed part one and two of her get Austin out plan, now let’s see if she can take it home.

Victoria gets upset when she hears Austin speech. She talks about people being fake. Rohan just becomes upset about having to send one of his friends home.

Victoria pretends to have a vote to get info on where the HGs are leaning this week. Tera brings up concern that keeping Breydon helps Beth’s game. Tera then tells this to Breydon and he says it’s good for their game. He says he would put up Jedson and Tychon.

Beth and Austin discuss keeping her this week so she could go after the boys. Beth in the DR says she’s not sure if she’s ready to go after the boys.

BBCAN9 Week 5 Eviction Vote

Who will the houseguests ultimately choose to evict this week? Breydon or Austin? Victoria cannot vote this week as the Invisible HOH.

Beth voted to evict Austin

Jedson voted to evict Austin

Kiefer voted to evict Austin

Rohan voted to evict Austin

Tera voted to evict Austin

Tina voted to evict Austin

Tychon voted to evict Austin

Austin is evicted.

BBCAN9 Week 6 HOH Results

The houseguests had to memorize some clips for this week’s HOH competition.

Big Brother Canada had an all-night reveal of the BB Calendar. They had to try to remember the details. They then had to answer a or b after every question. If a player answers wrong, they’re eliminated. The questions will go until only one player is left.

Question #1-Everyone gets it right.

Question #2-Victoria and Tera are eliminated.

Question #3-Everyone gets it right.

Question #4-Everyone but Jedson, Breydon, and Beth are eliminated.

Question #5-Breydon is eliminated.

Question #6-They both get it right. It goes to a tiebreaker question.

Beth is closed to the correct answer.

Beth is the new Head of Household!


  • Beth gets a secret task go make a mess in the kitchen. The Have-Nots had to clean up the mess, and then they were rewarded an Italian feast and got to get off slop the rest of the week.
  • Victoria reveals in her goodbye message that she’s the Invisible HOH.
  • Jury starts next week and so does a double eviction.

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