Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Who Will Go Home Week 5?

If the Invisible HOH Victoria got her way this week, Austin would be leaving the Big Brother Canada 9 house this week. Victoria has had to play a tricky game this week. She had to pretend that she was not the Head of Household while still trying to get everything to go as planned. So far, things have been falling right into place for Victoria. Rohan was the last person that Victoria wanted to win the Power of Veto, but she was able to plant the seed in other’s heads that if Austin or Breydon came off the block, they could go on the block next.

Rohan played it safe and didn’t use the Veto. This meant that either Breydon or Austin would be leaving the BBCAN9 game this week. Obviously, Victoria wants Austin gone, but will the house grant her request?

It appears so, because Rohan, and even Beth, made an attempt to get the house to flip and vote Breydon out instead of Austin. They both saw the potential in Austin staying and going after Jedson and Tychon. However, Rohan tried to get Victoria (who doesn’t have a vote) on-board. Tychon and Jedson know that Austin would take a shot at them, so they had no intentions to keep her in the game. Beth really considered it, but when she knew she couldn’t get others on-board, it was a done deal for Austin.

Kiefer will vote how Victoria wants because he knows she’s the Head of Household, and Tina and Tera are just kind of playing it safe this week, so will vote with the majority. Last night, Rohan let Austin know that he tried but it wasn’t looking in her favor to stay in the game. She accepted her defeat. It was an emotional night for Austin as she had to say goodbye to her Big Brother Canada dreams.

Many also want to get Austin out to try to pull Breydon to their side. They think he’s easier to control than Austin, and he will be looking for a new team with Austin gone. However, Breydon plans to strike big if he wins Head of Household and the trio should probably be scared. Tonight, Austin will leave by a unanimous vote. There are still a few hours before eviction, so anything could happen but I think Austin’s time in the Big Brother Canada 9 house has come to an end.

Who do you want to see leave this BBCAN9 week?

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