Big Brother Canada 9 Episode 15 Recap: Who Will Beth Target?

Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 9 episode ended with Beth becoming the new HOH. She was in the final round against her showmance partner Jedson. Now that the trouple is safe, they need to figure out what move to make this week. Interestingly, what might be best for Beth isn’t what’s best for Jedson and Tychon. Last night’s BBCAN9 episode showed Beth’s first few days as Head of Household and how she tried to figure out what to do with her power.

The episode was the right balance of fun and BBCAN9 gameplay as Beth made this week’s nominations, but set a bigger plan in motion. Is Beth making the best moves for her game this week or is she about to cost herself a spot in the finals?

Beth Wins HOH

Beth’s first duty as Head of Household is to name four Have-Nots. She starts by declaring that she’s not putting her boys, aka Jedson and Tychon, on slop this week. Instead, she makes Rohan, Breydon, Tina and Tera Have-Nots. This comment rubs some the wrong way, as Rohan and Breydon have a chat about it. They also point out that Tychon and Jedson should have volunteered to be Have-Nots to make Beth’s decision easier, especially because they haven’t been Have-Nots yet. Luckily for one of these four, the Skip the Slop vote was opened again, and one, likely Rohan again, will be off slop soon, because the Skip The Slop vote is open.

Tina, Tera, Rohan, and Breydon then discuss who they believed would be nominated. Tera said she believes it would be Rohan and her. Later, Rohan told the Diary Room that Breydon is really the only person he trusts. He then asked Breydon to work on protecting him this week. Breydon immediately goes to work by changing Beth’s focus from Rohan to Victoria.

BBCAN9 Week 6 Nominations

Breydon’s plan seems to work because Beth talks about getting Victoria out this week. She even tells Rohan that she will nominate him this week, but her plan is to backdoor Victoria. Beth tells Jedson and Tychcon about her plan, but they’re not completely sold on it. They don’t think they can trust Rohan the way that they can trust Victoria. Beth states the obvious and brings the elephant in the room by saying keeping Rohan is better for her game, and keeping Victoria is better for their game.

Tera does some campaigning to stay off the block. Tina and Tera believe that Jedson has a lot of influence on Beth, so they work on getting him on their side to talk Beth into putting up Breydon as a pawn instead of Tera. Right before the nomination ceremony, Beth warns Rohan that she will claim in her speech that he’s her target, but her real target is Victoria.

Beth nominates Rohan and Tera for eviction.

According to Beth, she wants Rohan to win the Power of Veto, so that she can backdoor Victoria. We’ll have to wait until Wednesday’s episode to see how that all plays out.


  • The houseguests get videos from home. Tychon’s video is from his father, Beth is from her family, Rohan’s video is from his parents, Victoria’s video is from her best friend, Tina’s video is from her partner and her mom, Tera’s video is from her husband and kids, Kiefer’s video is from his girlfriend and kids, Breydon’s video is from his sister, and Jedson’s video is from his brother.
  • Beth takes Rohan on the Wendy’s date. She also gets a video from her friend. Rohan and Beth mainly use this time alone to strategize.
  • Beth’s letter from home is from her sister.
  • There is a debate about whether Reindeers are real.

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