Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Another BBCAN9 Intense House Meeting

There is no denying that Big Brother Canada 9 houseguests aren’t above confrontation. We had a few tense situations throughout the season so far. We’ve also had a BBCAN9 house meeting in week two. Jedson called it and it became Josh versus the house. The house meeting didn’t save Josh”s game, but it did provide plenty of entertainment. This week, we had another Big Brother Canada 9 house meeting and it provided plenty of entertainment, but not sure if it’ll actually help anyone’s game.

It felt less like a house meeting and more like an expose party, with several players trying to throw each other under the bus. Things heated up as a player questioned if another one really deserved to be in the Big Brother game.

There has been talk for days of a BBCAN9 house meeting, mainly orchestrated by Jedson, again. Jedson, Beth, Tychon, and Kiefer mainly sat out of it as Tera and Victoria took center stage. Of course, Victoria and Tera are both on the block, so they’re fighting for their game lives. It was bound to get intense. Mainly, Victoria was trying to expose others for targeting the trio. It didn’t go as planned. Instead, everyone denied Victoria’s claims and tried to turn it around on her targeting them.

Victoria also directly called out Rohan for trying to flip the vote last week to save Austin and evict Breydon, Rohan denied it, and Victoria just got more upset. Both swore on their families that they were the ones telling the truth. Victoria also just came out in front of everyone and admitted what they all suspected, she was the Invisible HOH.

Victoria also went back and forth with Tina and Tera, and Tera and her argued over a rumor that Victoria said she would throw Beth’s bags off the balcony. Victoria then called out Tera for not deserving to be on Big Brother because she mentioned that if she was the first jury member, she would want to go home. Victoria said that was disrespectful to the entire Big Brother process. Tera said she only said that because she missed her family. Victoria said that everyone messes their family, so it was no excuse.

After the meeting, Rohan and Victoria talked it out. He encouraged her to use the meeting to try to flip the votes to save herself. The talk also continued with the Oddballs completely being outed to the Sunsetters. Victoria also didn’t do the best job denying that she coming after the trio. The other houseguests also brought up that Victoria was trying to frame Tychon as the Invisible HOH. Victoria declared to the whole house that Tina, Tera, and Rohan are her new targets.

The house meeting didn’t seem to help Victoria’s chances of staying this week, but the girl has been campaigning hard, so I still wouldn’t count her out just yet.

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