Big Brother Canada 9 Episode 18 Recap: The Calm After The Double Eviction

The Big Brother Canada 9 houseguests experienced one intense day on Thursday with the double eviction. It took out two huge players. Victoria and Rohan becoming the first and second members of the BBCAN9 jury. In 60-minutes, we saw the houseguests vote out Victoria by a unanimous vote. Then we saw Kiefer once again become the Head of Household. He’s been focused on taking out Rohan for a while, so it comes as a shock to no one that his goal was to get out Rohan.

Kiefer nominated Rohan and Breydon, and Tychon sealed Rohan’s fate by winning the Power of Veto. Rohan was then sent out the Big Brother Canada house by another unanimous vote. Taking out Rohan and Victoria evens the playing field a little, because Victoria, Kiefer, and Rohan have won the most competitions so far. Six of the remainined seven have barely won any. Between Beth, Jedson, and Tychon, as of Thursday, each had one competition win. Breydon, Tina, and Tera had none.

Between the final seven players, only Beth and Kiefer have been Head of Households before, which means this could be one player’s first HOH reign.

BBCAN9 Double Eviction Fall-Out

Tonight, we should have some blanks filled in with footage of things that happened between and after each competition and vote.

The final seven houseguests celebrate making it this far. Kiefer talks about crushing everyone’s dreams. Breydon feels upset about Rohan leaving, but he does feel good about being aligned with Beth, Jedson, and Tychon.

Tera worries that Tina and her are next. Tina says she’s working with Tera but has to keep her alliance with the Sunsetters strong because they preach loyalty, so she should be good for the final five.

Kiefer tells Jedson, Tychon, and Beth that Victoria told him that she was the Invisible Head of Household and planned to nominate them until he told her not to do it. Beth, Tychon, and Jedson don’t quite believe him and it makes them trust him less.

Beth talks to herself and says that the move is to take Victoria.

BBCAN9 Week 7 Head Of Household

As an outgoing HOH, Kiefer is ineligible to compete in this week’s Head of Household competition. This leaves Beth as the only former BBCAN9 HOH competing.

For this Head of Household competition, the houseguests have to look for white balls in the ball pit. They can only carry five at a time.

Each white ball gives you one point. There are also white balls with red exes. They deduct points. The houseguest with the most points at the end becomes the HoH.

Jedson and Breydon take the lead. Tera notices that she has a lot of x balls in her container. She then starts to yell that they are cowards. She quits the game. She tells them that she will vote for Jedson if he makes it to the end.

She then starts arguing with Kiefer because he doesn’t like her calling them a coward.

Tera places last

Tina next

Beth places fourth

Tychon places third

It comes down to Breydon and Jedson.

Jedson is the new Head of Household

BBCAN9 Week 7 Nominations

With only six players to choose from, this won’t be an easy decision for the current HOH.

Tera continues to have her meltdown but she eventually talks it out with Jedson.

Beth talks about being annoyed with Tina, Tera, and Breydon. She really pushes how Breydon has done nothing in the game and has been on the side of other players who wanted them out. Kiefer encourages Tina to push for Breydon to be the potential target.

Tera shares on the Wendy’s date that she would put up Tychon and Jedson. She also mentions that Breydon has been close to winning comps.

Breydon then talks to Jedson about Tera pitching about Kiefer being backdoored. Jedson discusses in the DR that he can’t give Breydon too much info. Beth and Jedson discuss how hard it will be to get out Kiefer down the line.

Jedson nominates Tina and Tera for eviction.


  • The houseguests have a dinner to say what they’re grateful for about their experience.
  • Tera calls upon her brother (who died) to give her strength to win this HOH.
  • It’s announced that there would be no Have-Nots for the week.
  • Jedson’s HOH letter is from his father.
  • Jedson takes Tera on his Wendy’s date to get in her head and because she’s been having a rough time.
  • Jedson’s Wendy video is from his sister.

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