Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 8 HOH Results

We’re down to the Big Brother Canada 9 final six. In a few short weeks, one person will become the winner of Big Brother Canada 9. At this point in the game, every move counts, every win is dire, and every challenge has to be overcame to stay in the BBCAN9 game. The final six players are: Kiefer (who just escaped eviction), Tychon, Breydon, Jedson, Beth, and Tera. Kiefer’s competition wins are far greater than the other remaining five players, so if he wins this week’s Head of Household competition, he just checked another positive mark on his Big Brother Canada resume.

Of the remaining six players, only three of them have been Head of Households before. Tychon, Tera, and Breydon all still need to win at least one Head of Household competition to beef up their BBCAN9 resumes. Breydon and Tera especially need to win this HOH, because, at the moment, they are the next two players on the Sunsetters hit-list. To stop a complete steamroll to the final four, Tera or Breydon needs to win HOH to shake up the game.

The most interesting possibility for this week is a Breydon or Tera HOH win, especially a Tera win. She would go after the strongest players, and nominate some combination of Beth, Tychon, Jedson, and Kiefer. With at least two of those four on the block after the Veto Ceremony, this increases Breydon and her odds of making it to the finals.

As an outgoing HOH, Jedson is the only player not competing in this week’s Head of Household competition. For this week’s Head of Household competition, the houseguests listened to audio files featuring the evicted houseguests. They then had to remember details and answer questions about them. They were given seven quotes and the player with the most points after seven round would be the Head of Household. The results went as followed:

1st quote-Everyone but Kiefer gets it correct.

2nd quote-Everyone gets it correct.

3rd quote-All are correct but Beth.

4th quote-Tera and Kiefer get it correct.

5th quote-All but Tychon get it correct.

6th quote-All are incorrect

7th quote-All get it correct.

BBCAN9 Week 8 HOH Results

  • Tera is the Head of Household!

It finally happened, someone who will target the trio won Head of Household. She will likely nominate Tychon and Jedson or Jedson and Kiefer, then Beth, Tychon, or Kiefer will be the possible replacement nominee. Arisa Cox also announced a new twist: a fake double eviction. Two houseguests will be evicted on Thursday, but one of them will return to the game. They just have to beat the other evictee. It’s about to be a wild week. Join us later for more Big Brother Canada 9 spoilers. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and download our app to keep up with all the latest BBCAN9 spoilers, recaps, news, and much more.