Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 8 HOH Nominations

Big Brother Canada 6 Arisa CoxWhat a difference a week makes in the Big Brother Canada 9 house. Last week, Kiefer almost went home, and players like Tera and Breydon were at the bottom, hoping that they wouldn’t be picked off next. Now, the former Oddballs are in power. Tera won her first BBCAN9 HOH  and she’s ready to make the move seven weeks in the making. The Big Brother Canada 9 trio has sort of been untouchable all game. Either they’ve been in power or one of their alliance members has been in power. This week, Tera is determined to take out one of the trio members, and she has her sights set on the showmance.

However, unfortunately for Tera, she may have all her hard work undone on  Thursday because this week is a fake double eviction. She may evict one of the trio, and then that person could come right back in, putting the trio back intact, if only one of them goes out of the Big Brother Canada 9 house this week. Tychon seems to be the safe member of the trio for this eviction. She only plans to nominate him if Jedso n or Beth come off the block, and then likely whichever member of the couple remaining on the block will go home.

Tera’s week also faces another possible problem. At the moment, if Tychon wins the Veto, he plans to save Jedson, forcing Tera to nominate Breyon or Kiefer, then Tychon and Jedson have the votes to keep Beth. So this will definitely be an interesting week, no matter what.  So who did Tera nominate for eviction?

BBBCAN9 Week 8 Nominations

  • Tera nominated Beth and Jedson for eviction.

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