Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 10 Power of Veto Competition Results

The final Big Brother Canada 9 Veto results are in and we now know who holds the most power during this final four eviction. Tychon is the current Head of Household. His dream scenario would involve either himself or Breydon winning the Power of Veto. This means that they both survive to the final three, increasing both of their odds of being in the final two together, and having the power to decide whether Tera or Kiefer make it to the finals with them. Both Tera and Kiefer could easily win the game, but Kiefer seems to be the odds favorite to take home the entire prize. It would be in Tera, Breydon, and Tychon’s best interest to get Kiefer out the game now.

Tychon nominated Tera and Kiefer this week, but whoever holds the Veto has at least the final say in the nominations. He or she could also have the final vote to send someone to the jury.  This is the final and most critical Veto week.

There isn’t anyone in the game who should not be going for the Veto because it’s the only way to hold your game fate in your own hands.

The feeds returned very early/late in the morning. And now we know who won the Veto.

BBCAN9 Week 10 Power of Veto Competition Results

  • Tera won the Power of Veto

With Tera holding the Veto, Breydon automatically goes on the block. Tera has the one and only vote this week. It’s unclear yet if Tera votes out Breydon or Kiefer. Kiefer is her biggest competition to win the game, but taking out Breydon ups her chances of going to the final two because Tychon or Kiefer might be more willing to take her with Breydon out of the picture. We’ll find out on Wednesday for sure who Tera votes out but we’ll be glued to the remaining days of feeds for a hint of how it may all turn out.

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