Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 10 HOH Nominations

It’s the final BBCAN9 week, so we’re finally at the Big Brother Canada 9 home stretch. It’s a race to the finals for Tychon, Breydon, Kiefer, and Tera. In less than a week, one of these four players will hold the title of Big Brother Canada 9 winner. This is one of the most evenly matched final four, so it really could be anyone’s game to win or lose. Yesterday, Tychon brought himself one step closer to the final two by winning the Head of Household competition.  This leaves Tera, Kiefer, and Breydon to fight it out for the other two final three spots.

The best thing about the final four HOH is that it keeps you safe and heading to the finale. However, you really have no other power this week. Your nominations don’t matter, and you don’t get to pick the other two players to battle against in the final HOH competition.

That being said, Tychon has made it pretty obvious that his dream final two scenario is against Breydon. Therefore, it was pretty obvious that he wasn’t going to nominate Breydon this week. He also confirmed this to Tera. He told her that Kiefer and her would-be his nominees. Now the feeds are once again down until tomorrow morning, so we can’t 100 percent confirm Tychon’s nominations, but it is very likely that he stuck to his plan and didn’t nominate Breydon this week.

BBCAN9 HOH Week 10 Nominations

  • Tychon nominated Kiefer and Tera for eviction

Obviously, this week, nominations don’t matter. Therefore, the Veto holder really decides the final vote and nominations. We’ll find out who won the Veto tomorrow and what three players are likely going to Thursday’s finale. Make sure to add us on Facebook, Twitter, and download our app to keep up with all the latest BBCAN9 news, spoilers, recaps, and more before the Big Brother Canada 9 finale!