Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 10 HOH Results

This is the final Big Brother Canada 9 Head of Household competition before the final one starts its three-part saga. This one determines at least one spot in the final three players. The remaining three players will have to use their social skills and win the Veto to ensure that they see finale night. On Thursday’s episode, Kiefer and Tychon sent Beth to the BBCAN9 jury house by making her the fifth-place finisher.

Three of the final four players: Tychon, Tera, and Kiefer must battle it out for HOH. As outgoing HOH, Breydon is not allowed to compete for the final four Head of Household. He’ll need to win Veto or hope one of his allies wins HOH and keeps him safe.

It’s down to the wire, so past loyalty and strategy doesn’t really matter. It’s all about the wins. Each player needs to win this HOH because they can’t rely on anyone else to keep them in this game. On Thursday’s episode, we saw the start of the HOH competition.

For this one, Tera, Kiefer, and Tychon were shown three houseguests. They then had to figure out what Veto competition they played in and then answer who was evicted after that Veto competition. The player with the most points after seven rounds became the HOH. We only saw the first round which ended in Tychon earning a point.

BBCAN9 Week 10 HOH Results

  • Tychon won the Head of Household!

So Tychon is the first person in the final three! His nominations don’t matter, since the Veto matters more, but he’ll likely nominate Tera and Kiefer. Join us all weekend to see who this week’s HOH nominates and who wins the final Big Brother Canda 9 Power of Veto competition of the season! Add us on Facebook, Twitter, and download our app for all the latest BBCAN9 spoilers, news, and much more.