Who Went Home Tonight? BBCAN9 Week 9 Eviction Recap (4/29/21)

Last night, we saw Breydon make the decision to keep Tera and Beth on the block, instead of possibly backdooring Kiefer. This decision to take out Tera or Beth this week could be what makes or breaks his game. Breydon hasn’t been in power much this season, so the jury house will really look at what moves he made this HOH reign, and whether he eally made the moves and decisions that were best for his game.

Breydon also has decided to take out Beth this week. She is his target, but he has to put faith in Kiefer and Tychon not snaking him and taking out Tera instead. Wednesday’s episode showed Beth throwing everything she could at the wall to save her game. Unfortunately, all her strategies have been failing to make a dent in convincing Breydon to not keep her on the block. Now she must work on Tychon and Kiefer for any chance to stay in the game.

It won’t be an easy road to safety, but if Beth can convince them to keep her, she not only stays in the game but that could be the move to get her the Big Brother Canada 9 win.

BBCAN9 Week 9 Power of Veto Ceremony Fall-Out

Now that Beth and Tera are still on the block, they need to fight hard to convince Tychon and Kiefer to keep them. They know their expendable now to all three men.

Beth vents her frustration about being in the block when Kiefer is the biggest threat. She then decides to confront Tychon about not having her back. Things escalate and get intense. It ends with Ty letting Beth know that she’s going to jury.

Beth then pitches to Kiefer and Tychon to get their votes but they both tell her that she doesn’t have their votes.

Kiefer gives Beth a glimmer of hope when he says she isn’t sure that’s she’s going home, so Beth starts to work on getting Tychon and Breydon’s votes. This leads to another argument between Beth and Tychon.

BBCAN9 Week 9 Eviction Vote

Kiefer voted to evict Beth

Tychon voted to evict Beth

Beth is evicted!

BBCAN9 Week 10 HOH

This Head of Household competition live, but it’s one of the most critical ones of the season because it determines at least one spot in the final three and finale night.

Kiefer, Tychon, and Tera had to buzz in after they saw three houseguests play in the Veto and then sAy who was evicted after it. We only saw the first round and Tychon got the answer right.


  • Kiefer and Beth have a challenge to win a BBQ. They must count squirrels. Tera, Ty, and Breydon gets a challenge to distract them.
  • The jury reacts to Jedson coming in the jury. They’re shocked by his arrival and the way he comes to the house.
  • Kiefer wins the Skip the Slop vote.

Make sure to keep it here all weekend to find out who will be making the final three players. The BBCAN9 Live Feeds are (hopefully) going to stay on until the final four eviction starts, but we’re likely to be clueless about the final Head of Household competition results until Monday or Wednesday.

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