Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Who Will Go Home In Week 9?

Big Brother Canada 9-Tera and BethTonight, the BBCAN9 final five players become the final four, not the fake final four like last week. In many ways, this week has been a do-over or reset week. First, Tera ensured that Jedson left the game by beating him in the battle back competition,  then Breydon won the Head of Household competition and repeated Tychon’s nominations of Tera and Beth. However, this week’s eviction results may not have the same outcome. During the Fake Double Eviction, Kiefer and Breydon both questioned voting out Tera instead of Beth, but they respected Tychon’s wishes and sent her to the battle back. Now that she’s back, voting out Tera at final five might not happen twice.

This week with Breydon in charge and the Veto holder,  his agenda doesn’t fully align with his final two partner. He wants Beth out in fifth place this time, not Tera. However, as we saw on yesterday’s episode,  Tera doesn’t have the same confidence and faith in Kiefer and Tychon that Breydon does, especially because all three men just sent her out the door.

However, luckily for Breydon, Tychon and Kiefer want to respect his HOH wishes this week, and Beth has and continues to dig her own grave. She hasn’t really done anything useful to get Kiefer or Tychon to want to keep her in the game. Instead, she’s more so been actively trying to ruin their games all week. They also told her that she’s going to the jury to see Jedson and the others.

So Beth’s fate seems very much sealed. We don’t think there is anything she can do to change Kiefer and Tychon’s minds. They rather battle it out this week against Tera than against Beth. Tonight Beth will be evicted 2-0. Then the final four will be Breydon, Tychon, Kiefer, and Tera. One of them will win Head of Household, guaranteeing their spot in the final three and the other three will have to try to win Veto to stay in the game.

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