Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 9 HOH Nominations

Monday’s Big Brother Canada 9 episode finally gave us some answers! It started with the much-anticipated battle between Jedson and Tera for their spot back in the game. That resulted in Tera’s return. Then the episode revealed that Breydon became the new Head of Household.  The episode decided to end in suspense with viewers not seeing Breydon’s nominations. The BBCAN9 Live Feeds have finally returned, so the outcome of this week has become slightly clearer.

On Monday’s episode, we saw Tychon work on securing Breydon as an ally. In the DR room, Breydon made it pretty clear that Tychon is his number one in the game. Tychon may be the only player this week who doesn’t have to worry about hitting the block.

It seemed likely that Breydon would repeat Tychon’s nominations from the Fake Double Eviction and nominate Tera and Beth. Unlike with Tychon’s reign, Beth may be his target instead of Tera. So who did Breydon nominate for eviction?

BBCAN9 Week 9 Nominations

  • Breydon nominated Tera and Beth for eviction!

The Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony already happened, but we’re still not sure who won it but we’ll likely confirm who won tomorrow, and it’s definitely not Beth or Tera. Make sure to add us on Facebook, Twitter, and download our app for all the latest BBCAN9 news, spoilers, exclusives, and more.