Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Who Will Go Home In The Fake Double Eviction?

This Big Brother Canada 9 week has been one of the strangest in Big Brother history. It’s almost been Shakespearean. We’re had lies, betrayal, lovers torn apart,  someone making decisions that lead to their demise, and now a game death on the horizon at the hands of someone this player trusted. It’s been a week for the Big Brother Canada books. And it’s not even close to being over.

Last Thursday, host Arisa Cox announced a Fake Double Eviction. Two houseguests will leave the game but one will return after they compete in a battle back competition. It’s going to be an insane night. We aren’t sure yet if the battle back competition plays out tonight, or if we’ll have to wait until the BBCAN9 Live Feeds start sometime over the weekend, or will we have to wait until Monday’s episode. Before the Fake Double even starts, we have one of the most dramatic Big Brother Canada evictions to get to this week.

Jedson made the extremely bad move of taking Beth off the block.  Now it looks like he’s about to face the consequences of those actions. Jedson has been trying for the last couple of days to get Kiefer and Tychon to not vote him out of the Big Brother Canada 9 house. Cue Jojo’s “Too Little, Too Late,” because they’re not swaying on their decisions. They have decided to make this move and it seems that nothing Jedson can say or do will change their minds. Tonight Jedson will be the first houseguest evicted in the Fake Double Eviction. He’ll either leave 3-0 or 2-1.

Who leaves next in the Fake Double could really be anyone, but I believe the people most likely to leave next are either Beth or Tera. I would place a lot of Monopoly money on it being one of them. Logically, Kiefer should be the next to go but he may be the houseguest most safe during the Fake Double, and he has a very good chance of winning the Fake Double  Head of Household. Breydon may be the next most safe and Tychon could go if Beth is no longer an eviction option.

I think for maximum drama, Big Brother Canada producers are probably hoping for a Beth eviction, so the battle back competition can be even more dramatic with a showmance going up against each other for their Big Brother Canada 9 game life. We’re in for a really stressful but exciting Fake Double Eviction.

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