Big Brother Canada 9 Episode 22 Recap: A $100,000 Veto Mistake?

On Monday, Tera made the move that she’s been wanting to make all Big Brother Canada 9 season. She nominated two members of the trio for eviction. This time, she took a shot at the showmance and nominated Beth and Jedson for eviction. Her goal this week is simple, get one member of the trio out at any means necessary.

Jedson is target number one based on his competition wins and how he’s played the game. Besides Kiefer, Jedson has the strongest case to win Big Brother Canada 9. However, Jedson won’t be an easy player to get out of the game. He has close allies and pretty good at the BBCAN9 competitions.

Monday’s Big Brother Canada 9 episode, Tychon discussed his major dilemma for this week. He could remain loyal to Beth and Jedson and hope for the best, or he could start to make moves against them and think about his end goal, which likely can’t involve either of them if he wants to win BBCAN9. Tonight, we’ll see how this issue resolves itself for Tychon. We’ll also see this week’s Power of Veto Competition play out. It could mean the difference between the trio living on to the top five or one of them going out of the game this Thursday.

BBCAN9 Week 8 Nominations Fall-Out

Beth and Jedson are on the block. Tera has to be feeling good with her decision, but will all the cards fall into place to get one of them out this week?

Tychon says since Tera became HOH, he’s been seeing Beth and Jedson’s true colors because they tried to get him on the block. Tychon tells the DR that he’s done with Beth.  He also says that Tera and him have established some trust this week with her not putting him on the block.

Tera works on doing damage control with Beth. She tells her that she’s not her target.

BBCAN9 Week 8 Power of Veto Competition

Jedson and Beth need to hustle to try to save themselves from the block.

The Power of Veto competition involves houseguests seeing videos from family members. They must find bags by figuring out clue: that point to them.  The second round involved solving a sliding puzzle. The third round involved solving a jiggsaw map of Canada that they see in the Expedia room. Jedson goes first, followed by Beth, Breydon, Kiefer, and Tychon.

Jedson is the only one who crushes the competition. Getting through all three rounds fairly easily. Breydon finished in fifth, fourth was Beth, Kiefer finished in third. It came down to Tychon and Jedson.

Jedson wins the Veto!

BBCAN9 Week 8 Power of Veto Ceremony

What will this week’s Power of Veto holder decide to do?

After Veto, Jedson plans to try to sway Tera to nominate Breydon as his replacement. Meanwhile, Kiefer tells Tera that they need to get out one of the trio, so need to put up Tychon.

Kiefer pitches to Tychon and Breydon that they convince Jedson to use the Veto on Beth. He then pitches the same thing to Tera, and they decide to pitch that if Jedson uses the Veto on Beth, she’ll put up Breydon. She then pitches the idea to Beth to talk to Jedson about the idea.

Tera then pitches it to them together. Jedson realizes that this move could go one or two ways, and one is it being the dumbest move ever. They then tell Tychon and Kiefer and they tell her what Tera said. They both act surprised and work on convincing  them to do the plan.

Jedson decides to use the Power of Veto…on Beth. Tera names Breydon as her replacement.


  • Tychon wins the Skip the Slop vote

Make sure to join us tomorrow to see who leaves the Big Brother Canada 9 house and how this fake double eviction unfolds.

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