Who Went Home Tonight? BBCAN9 Fake Double Eviction Recap (4/22/21)

Instead of giving us a real Big Brother Canada Double Eviction, we’re getting a fake one. This makes sense because there were only 14 players this year instead of the usual 16, so they don’t have enough to do two doubles or a triple like they usually do around this time of the season. However, a Fake Double Eviction is just as exciting as a real one, and possibly even more with someone returning tonight. The Big Brother Canada week started with HOH Tera targeting the showmance, then Jedson saved his showmance partner Beth,  and now it will end with either Breydon or Jedson leaving the Big Brother Canada game.

After one of them leaves, the Fake Double Eviction will play out. We’ll have the Head of Household competition, nominations, Power of Veto competition and ceremony, and another eviction. After this, the two evicted houseguests will face off in a head-to-head challenge. The losing player is evicted and becomes the fourth member of the Big Brother Canada 9 jury, and the other returns to the game.

Tonight is bound to be one of the most exciting nights in Big Brother Canada history. There is so much that could happen.

BBCAN9 Week 8 Power Of Veto Ceremony Fall-Out

Beth is off the block and Breydon is up. Jedson believes that his boys, Tychon and Kiefer, will keep him in the game, but Jedson is about to learn a very important lesson: always use the Veto on yourself.

All of the Sunsetters celebrate but for different reasons. Jedson believes that they’re celebrating because they’re all safe. Instead, Tychon is celebrating not going on the block.

In the Diary Room, Tychon discusses not being sure if be can really make the move against Jedson. Meanwhile, Beth suspects that Tychon may vote out Jedson but she wants to keep him. Beth warns Jedson that the alliance may turn on him, but she doesn’t want him to tell them that he knows. He then starts to work on getting them to keep him.

In the DR, Tychon admits that he’s telling Jedson what he needs to hear but it doesn’t make sense for his game to keep him. Beth and Jedson start talk about him possibly leaving this week. He thanks her and she breaks down crying when he leaves the room.

Tychon and Kiefer tell Jedson that they’re voting him out and the loyalty between them is gone.

BBCAN9 Week 8 Eviction Vote

Beth voted to evict Jedson

Kiefer voted to evict Jedson

Tychon voted to evict Jedson

Jedson is evicted.

Jedson is instructed to go into the HOH and given headphones to listen to what’s going on.

BBCAN9 Week 8.5 Head of Household Competition

As outgoing HOH, Tera cannot play in this week’s Head of Household competition. Who will keep themselves from being evicted in the fake double eviction and guarantee their spot in the final five?

The houseguests have to watch clips and say what day they happened.

Round #1- Everyone earns a point

Round #2-Everyone but Kiefer earns a point.

Round #3-Everyone gets it right and earns a point.

Round #4-Tychon and Beth earn points.

Round #5-Everyone but Beth earn a point.

Round #6-Everyone earns a point.

Tychon is the new Head of Household!

BBCAN9 Week 8.5 Nominations

With so few options, anyone could see the block.

Tychon nominates Tera and Beth.

BBCAN9 Week 8.5 Power of Veto Competition

Because there are only four nominee options, this week’s Veto is key.

They have to untangle themselves from ropes and the houseguests to untangle themselves first must hit the buzzer.

Breydon wins the Veto!

BBCAN9 Week 8.5 Power of Veto Ceremony

What will the Veto holder do?

Breydon does not use the Veto.

BBCAN9 Week 8.5 Eviction

Breydon votes to evict Tera

Kiefer votes to evict Tera

Tera is evicted!

The Fake Double Eviction Battle Back

What player will make their way back into the game? Now it’s Tera vs Jedson to return back into the game.

Arisa tells the houseguets that the double eviction was fake. Tera and Jedson are about to compete to return to the game. The episode ends without us knowing and feeds will be down. So we all have to wait until Monday to find out who returns, who wins the next HOH,  and who that person nominates.

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