Big Brother Canada 9 Episode 24 Recap: Did Tera Or Jedson Return To The Game?

Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 9 eviction episode ended on a major cliffhanger: who would return to the BBCAN9 game. Nearly two weeks ago, host Arisa Cox announced that Big Brother Canada would be having their first-ever Fake Double Eviction. This meant that two players would leave the Big Brother Canada game and one would return. The entire week had been set up for the ultimate BBCAN9 betrayal. Jedson made the big mistake of not using the Veto on himself.  His closest allies planned to vote him out. Jedson was evicted by a unanimous vote on Thursday. Next, we had yet another BBCAN9 betrayal with Tychon, Breydon, and Kiefer evicting Tera over Beth.

It was a move that left Tera and viewers with their mouths hanging to the floor. Whoever returns tonight will be pissed, and it’s the kind of fire that BBCAN9 needs going into the final five players. Big Brother Canada  9 made the questionable decision of not showing the Live Feeds all weekend. This means we all basically missed a week of game play. We missed who won the battle back competition, who won HOH, who the HOH nominated, who won Veto, and what happened at the Veto Ceremony. We also basically missed determining who will be the final four Big Brother Canada 9 players. Because we have a lot of gaps to fill tonight, this BBCAN9 episode may be the most important one of the season.

BBCAN9 Week 8.5 Double Eviction Fall-Out

We missed a lot as Breydon, Tychon, and Kiefer decided to betray Tera and keep Beth. Time to figure out what exactly happened with that decision.

Prior to voting out Tera, Breydon, and Kiefer talk about what to do next. Kiefer and Breydon lean toward getting Beth out but Tychon wants to get out Tera. They want to honor Tychon, so they vote out Tera. Then Tera informs Beth that Kiefer was the mastermind with getting Jedson out.

After they find out about the battle back, Tera then lets Jedson know how everyone betrayed him.

Tychon, Breydon, and Kiefer are annoyed that someone is coming back. They also worry if Tera exposed everything.

Tychon and Beth talk it out to find out what happened with their alliance. He tells her why he turned on Jedson and her, and what his part was in the voting out Jedson.

Tychon works on nurturing his relationship with Breydon to make sure if he wins HOH, he keeps him off the block. Meanwhile, Tera starts to feel the effects of being voted out and returning to the game. It makes her emotional.

BBCAN9 Battle Back

Who will return to the game, Tera or Jedson? They both have a need for vengeance. Let’s see which one of them actually get their second chance. For this this competition, they have to roll their balls and try to get them to stay in place.

The first player to get three staying in place wins. At first Jedson is in the lead but then he knocks over a ball and Tera catches up.

Tera wins her way back into the house.

Beth is really annoyed with Tera’s return, while the men fake enthusiasm.

BBCAN9 Week 9 Head of Household Competition

As outgoing HOH, Tychon is not allowed to play in this week’s Head of Household Competition. Everyone else will be fighting hard for that HOH win and their spot in the final four players.

The houseguests have to bet their chips based on how well they think they know the category. They can gamble up to five chips at a time. They then must answer questions to win or lose chips. The player with the most chips at the end wins HOH.

Round #1-Breydon and Beth get right.

Round #2-Breydon gets right.

Round #3-Everyone gets it right.

Round #4-Everyone gets it right.

Round #5-Everyone is incorrect.

Round #6-Breydon, Kiefer, and Beth are correct.

Round #7-Everyone is correct.

It’s a tie between Beth and Breydon. They must go to a tie breaker.

They have to guess the closest number to how many apples were stacked. Breydon gets it exactly right.

Breydon is the HOH!

BBCAN9 Week 9 Nominations

The episode ended with Breydon not making a nomination. We’ll find out tonight or Wednesday.


  • The voting for the BBCAN awards is now open. You can vote on the website.
  • Skip the Slop vote is once again open.
  • He makes Beth and Kiefer the Have-Nots.

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