Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Fake Double Eviction Battle Back Results

It’s been a long weekend as Big Brother Canada 9 fans have had to go an entire weekend oblivious to what’s been going on in the house. BBCAN9 fans know that most of the exciting competition results happen on the weekend. By early Monday evening, the houseguests know who will be the final two players on the block. We get the HOH on Thursday, nominations on Friday or Saturday, then Saturday Veto, and a Sunday or Monday Veto Ceremony. We look forward to the weekend to get all the competition details. However, BBCAN9 wanted to keep the mystery this week. They had a complete Big Brother Canada 9 Live Feeds blockage.

Big Brother Canada kept fans in the dark because this week involved a special competition. One player got to return to the game after being voted out in the Fake Double Eviction.  Big Brother Canada 9 really wanted viewers going into Monday’s episode completely unaware of what was about to happen. They succeeded.

Tonight the BBCAN9 episode that we’ve all been waiting on finally aired. We watched Tera and Jedson battle it out to return to the game. The winner would return to the game, while the loser would become the fourth member of the BBCAN9 jury.

For the Fake Double Eviction Batte Back, Jedson and Tychon had to roll three balls. The first player to get all three of their balls staying in place won their way back into the game. At first, Jedson was winning but then he knocks his second ball off and Tera catches up. It’s a close race, but eventually…

BBCAN9 Fake Double Eviction Battle Back Results

  • Tera won and returns to the game!

Jedson becomes the fourth member of the jury. Are you happy with the results? It’ll be interesting to see what Tera does and how the houseguests responds to the betrayal from her/his fellow houseguests.