Big Brother Canada 9 Episode 25 Recap: What Will Breydon’s Reign Bring?

BBCAN9 Breydon
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For the first time during Big Brother Canada 9, Breydon is the Head of Household. His win evened the playing field now because the five remaining houseguests have all been HOH at least once. Kiefer is the only one among Tera, Beth, Breydon, and Tychon who has won multiple Head of Household competitions. Come Thursday, Kiefer will either win another one or another player will win their second HOH and guarantee their spot in the final three players. This week is so important because it determines the final four BBCAN9 players. This means Breydon has so much power this week. He not only guaranteed his spot in the final four, but he could secure others’ spots by not nominating them.

This week also has one of the most important Big Brother Canada 9 Power of Veto competitions. The Veto holder has a lot of power as well because they guarantee their own safety, and he or she could potentially save another player, determining two of the final four BBCAN9 players. As Big Brother Canada 9 fans know, the BBCAN9 producers infamously kept the Live Feeds off this weekend. This left Feed watchers in the dark about what happened over the last few days.

Tonight will fill in some of the gaps for everyone. We’ll find out what Breydon decided to do with his newfound HOH power.

BBCAN9 Week 9 HOH Nominations

Breydon has made it known that Tychon is his current number one ally. Tychon should be safe this week, but Kiefer, Tera, and Beth should be a little nervous.

Kiefer starts to worry that Breydon may put him on the block. Beth is annoyed that Breydon has been floating all game and now controls her fate. Meanwhile, Breydon is excited to get out Beth like he wanted to do on Tychon’s HOH.

Tera asks Breydon if she’s going on the block, but he tells her that he doesn’t know yet. Tera is worried that Tychon and Kiefer will betray him and vote her out.

Beth makes a pitch to get him to target Tera.

Breydon nominates Tera and Beth for eviction.

BBCAN9 Week 9 Nominations Fall-Out

How will the nominees react or adapt to being on the block?

Beth confronts Ty and Kiefer about them painting it like it was only her indecisive about getting out Breyson or Jedson last week.

BBCAN9 Week 9 Power Of Veto Competition

This is one of the most critical Veto competitions. It basically determines the final four players.

The houseguests have to roll a ball on a giant pinball machine and make sure the ball doesn’t hit the ground. They have to add balls as they go.

Tera loses her ball first and is the first eliminated. Next Kiefer is eliminated, followed by Beth. It comes down to Breydon and Tychon. Tychon then loat his ball.

Breydon won the Veto!

Tera worries that Tychon and Kiefer may vote her out.

BBCAN9 Week 9 Power of Veto Ceremony

With great power comes great responsibility, what will the Veto holder do?

Beth pitches Breydon nominating Kiefer this week to make a big move. He then discusses it with Tychon. Tychon tells him to go with his gut. He says he thinks the move maybe to get out Kiefer.

Breydon decides not to use the Veto. Either Tera or Beth will head to jury tomorrow.


  • Breydon’s letter from home is from his friend.
  • Breydon takes Kiefer on his Wendy’s date.
  • Breydon’s video from home is from his mother and siblings.
  • Tychon explains his flirting strategy with Breydon. He wants him to be emotionally attached. He also admits that Breydon is his true final two because he thinks he can beat him.
  • BBCAN throws the houseguests a final five hot tub  party.
  • The BBCAN9 awards vote ends tonight.

Return tomorrow at 9:00 pm EST for the next BBCAN9 Live Eviction. This one determines the official final four Big Brother Canada 9 players.

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