Big Brother Canada 9 Episode 27 Recap: Who Will Secure Their Spot In The Final Three?

It’s the final Big Brother Canada 9 week. We’re a few Head of Household competitions and votes away from crowning the BBCAN9 champion. The Big Brother Canada 9 Live Feeds are down, which means that we’ll be getting all the remaining information from the episodes. This makes them more important than ever. Tonight, BBCAN9 airs the first episode of the Big Brother Canada 9  finale week. Thursday’s episode ended on a cliffhanger with Beth just leaving the game and the HOH competition underway.

We saw Tychon answer the first round question right, but there were still six rounds to go.  It was anyone’s HOH game to win. Tonight, we’ll see the rest of the Head of Household competition play out and who takes home this critical win.   The current HOH will nominate two of the three eligible players, but it doesn’t really matter because it all comes down to Wednesday’s Veto results.

BBCAN9 Week 9 Eviction Fall-Out

Beth created chaos all week. Did any of her actions create any collateral damage for anyone’s game?

Before leaving, Beth tries to cause a fracture in Breydon and Tychon’s relationship by telling Breydon that Ty is just using him. Tychon denies it.

BBCAN9 Week 10 Head of Household

The final four houseguests have officially made it this far in the game. Now it’s all about winning your place in the BBCAN9 finals.  This is one of the most important HOH to win. It secures one player’s spot on finale night, so who will take up the first spot.

For this HOH, the houseguests must identify what houseguest was evicted after seeing images of players playing in the Veto the week they won. The player with the most points after seven rounds wins the HOH.

Round #1-Tychon earns a point.

Round #2-Kiefer earns a point.

Round #3-Tera earns a point.

Round #4-Tychon earns a point.

Round #5-Tera earns a point.

Round #6-Kiefer earns a point.

Round #7-Tychon earns a point.

Tychon becomes the Head of Household!

BBCAN9 Week 10 Nominations

Nominations are really just a formality this week, but it’s always nice to stay off the block.

Kiefer works on securing that Tychon won’t take him out if he doesn’t win the Veto. Tychon and Breydon later discuss why it wouldn’t be smart to let Kiefer make it to the end.

Tychon makes it pretty clear that he won’t nominate Breydon this week. Tera asks Breydon about Tychon. He admits that he has a crush on him but isn’t sure how Tychon feels. Tera also tries to see how close the two are and if she has a chance to go to the finals with either of them.

Tychon nominates Kiefer and Tera.


The jury sends a video message to host the BBCAN awards. The houseguests then need to get dressed for it. They had the awards in the ball pit room.


Most Discombobulated Conversations-Reindeer Games

Favorite Face-Off-Tera Vs Ball-pit Blitz

Best Dance Moves-Victoria cuts loose.

Best BB Mission-BINGO

The houseguests also get to look at their journey in the house.


  • Tychon’s letter from home is from his best friend Abby.
  • Tychon takes Breydon on a Wendy’s date.
  • Tychon’s message from home is from his mom.

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