Who Went Home Tonight? BBCAN9 Week 10 Special Eviction Recap (5/05/21)

On Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 9 episode, we saw Tychon win the BBCAN9 Head of Household. He then nominated Tera and Kiefer, leaving his closest ally, Breydon off the block. However, this is that fun Big Brother week where nominations mean nothing. It’s all about the Veto.  If the Head of Household also wins the Veto, he then has the opportunity to change his nominations or keep them the same, allowing whoever is not sitting on the block to cast the final vote. If the Veto holder is not sitting on the block, he secures his spot in the finals and gets to vote out whoever he desires. If the Veto holder is a nominee, she or he gets to remove themselves from the block, forcing whoever was not nominated on the block, and then she or he casts the final vote.

Tera and Kiefer are both major game threats. Kiefer is probably the player most likely to win BBCAN9 at the moment. Whoever votes him out, gets to take credit for taking out one (if not the) biggest game player in the house. Tera also has many things working in her favor. Getting her out is a good mark on someone’s resume. Tonight, we’ll see the Veto competition play out, followed by what the Veto holder’s decision on what to do with the Veto, and who gets voted out. By the end of the hour, we’ll know the Big Brother Canada 9 final three players.

BBCAN9 Week 10 Nominations Fall-Out

These nominations don’t matter, but it’s still not the greatest feeling being on the block.

Kiefer and Tera discuss being on the block.

BBCAN9 Week 10 Power of Veto Competition

This is the last Veto competition of the season, which makes it the most critical one. The houseguests have to find photos to put on the clue board. They must solve word puzzles to figure out where to find the clues to the pictures.

The final step involved transferring the houseguests into superheroes to solve a number puzzle.

The houseguests had individual challenges and the player with the best time after everyone goes wins the Veto.

Tera goes first. Tera zooms through the first stage but struggles a bit on the second one. Followed by Breydon. Breydon also struggles on the second part. They both get emotional believing that they missed their chance at the Veto.

Tychon is next and struggles at the start but then gets in a rhythm. He can’t seem to find things. He studies the numbers but not the colors of the numbers. Kiefer questions some of his answers but he zooms through round one too. Kiefer also messes up with the colors and must rebuild the wall.





Tera wins the power of Veto and secures her place in the final three.

BBCAN9 Week 10 Power of Veto Ceremony & Eviction Vote

This final four vote could determine who wins the game. It’s critical to really make sure you’re picking wisely when casting your one vote.

Tera talks to Tychon about what she should do and who she should vote out. He doesn’t want to give her information but then caves into it. He tells her Kiefer needs to go.

Tera then asks Breydon if he would take her to the end. He lies and says yes. Kiefer then campaigns to keep himself in the game.

Tera uses Veto on herself and Breydon automatically goes up.

Tera votes to evict Kiefer.


  • We get a jury segment and witness Beth coming to the jury house.
  • Victoria is happy to see her backstabbing alliance members in the house.
  • Beth talks about being bitter about Tychon betraying her.
  • Before Kiefer leaves he tell Tychon to win the game.
  • Canada’s favourite vote happening for the first time this year. You can vote on the site. The winner gets $10,000.

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