Why Tera Gillen-Petrozzi Deserves To Win Big Brother Canada 9

Yesterday, we looked back at Tychon’s Big Brother Canada 9 game. Tonight, we’ll examine the current Veto holder Tera’s BBCAN9 game, and tomorrow morning it is all about Breydon’s game, and whether he stands a chance against Trickshot Tera and Chessmaster Tychon. Spoiler alert: he does. Tera has many things working for her Big Brother Canada game, mainly resilience and a little bit of luck. 

On Wednesday night’s Big Brother Canada 9 episode, Tera became the final Power of Veto holder of the season. This massive win saved her from possible eviction and gave her the power to vote out either Kiefer or Breydon. She chose to send Kiefer to the jury house. Kiefer has been the biggest threat all season, and now Tera has taken out two massive threats on her BBCAN9 resume. This means she has a direct hand in both Kiefer and Jedson’s eviction. The tiny Tera took out two Big Brother Canada 9 titans. This has to have upped her win potential by a great deal. Let’s further explore Tera’s game strengths and weaknesses.

Tera has the underdog storyline of BBCAN9. She started the game with ties to both the Oddballs and the Sunsetters, but expendable to both. She basically was part of them because of numbers and because Tina was playing such a strong game in the beginning. Tina was Tera’s greatest asset through the first half of Big Brother Canada 9.  Their bond came naturally but it helped further both of their games, until it made them a dangerous duo. The women were seen as a pair, so if people wanted to work with Tina, they had to work with Tera.

The house was full of so many pairs, so if you were in one, then you were automatically a threat. Tina and Tera seemed like one of the lesser threatening pairs, but eventually, they were split up too. This is when Tera really started to shine as a Big Brother Canada player. She started winning more competitions, and she was able to be the HOH when Jedson (the biggest target at the time) left the game. She then was able to secure Jedson’s eviction by directly taking him out herself in a one-on-one battle. 

Many can argue that Tera didn’t play as active of a part in the first half of the game as others. Tera wanted to take a shot at the trio, especially Jedson, most of the game. However, none of her real allies held power (except Kiefer but he was always more loyal to the Sunsetters) for the first half of the game. The minute Tera got power, she wasn’t going to waste her chance to take out one of the trio.  

Tera also made plenty of mistakes, like letting Tychon and Kiefer manipulate her into nominating Breydon instead of either of them. If Tychon chose to remain loyal to Jedson, this could have massively blown up in Tera’s face. Tera also has the big mark on her game of being evicted. The objective of the Big Brother game (in basic terms) is to not be evicted from the house. Yes, it’s much more complicated than that, but staying in the game is a huge part of the BBCAN game. Both Tychon and Breydon can say they’ve never been evicted, Tera cannot say the same.

Tera is a mother and the underdog of the season (to most), so many would consider it a heartwarming win if Tera takes home the grand prize. She’s fought her way thus far, and she may just be able to make it to the end. She has to fight her way there as well because Tychon and Breydon will likely take each other to the end. Tera only makes it to the end if she wins the final HOH and picks who to take. She just might pull the final clutch victory. 

What do you think we’re Tera’s game strengths and weaknesses on Big Brother Canada 9?

Come back tomorrow morning to discuss Breydons game!

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