Why Breydon White Deserves To Win Big Brother Canada 9

We’ve already looked back at Tychon and Tera’s Big Brother Canada 9 games. Now it’s time for Breydon’s game analysis. Tera has the underdog story and Tychon has the dominant alliance who conquered the house story. Breydon has the chameleon story. Breydon became the king of adaptation throughout the season. Now his ability to maneuver his way through the BBCAN9 game has gotten him a spot in the final three. He’s one win away from taking home the crown.

Both Tera and Tychon have had more flashy Big Brother Canada 9 games, but Breydon’s game is just as compelling and win-worthy. He managed to be the final solid member of the Oddballs left and could give that alliance the final laugh. Let’s look back at some of Breydon’s game strengths and weaknesses.

Breydon started the game at the bottom. He was close friends with Julie and Austin, and Julie became a huge target in week one. This made those associated with her targets as well. Breydon was also part of the Defenders team who kept losing competitions. For the first two weeks, he was technically in danger of eviction (though we know Austin had no plans to evict him during her HOH reign). As Team Destiny members, Tera and Tychon were able to coast through the first two evictions without any threat of leaving the game.

Then teams stopped, but not really. Breydon became a proud member of the Oddballs, while on the other side of the house, the Sunsetters managed to keep power, or whoever was in power was willing to help the trio get further. This led to Breydon losing many of his Oddballs pre-jury and early jury, including his bestie Austin. Breydon didn’t sulk about losing so many of his friends and allies, instead, he got up and adapted. 

He made friends with whoever was necessary. He also was on the block quite a few times, and instead of holding grudges or acting bitter about being on the block, he adapted and remained friendly with the Head of Household. He made sure he or she wanted to keep him in the game more than whoever was sitting next to him. Unfortunately, Breydon didn’t win power until towards the end of the game.

This meant that he had to go with whoever held the power that week. However, he would definitely try to sway or point the house in the direction that worked best for his game. Sometimes it worked and other times Tera left the game. Breydon got a redo week during his Head of Household reign. He wanted Beth gone and he got his wish. He was able to get Tychon and Kiefer to respect his wishes because Beth wasn’t their favorite player, but also because they respected Breydon enough to vote out who he wanted out.

Breydon and Tychon formed a tight bond once Austin left the game. Tychon was both an asset and a hindrance to his game. Some may believe that Breydon was just a pawn in Tychon’s game and only did whatever Tychon asked. However, you can flip that around and say Breydon used Tychon as a meat shield. Tychon was always a target in front of Breydon, so as long as Tychon stuck around, Breydon would likely be safe.

Breydon also formed a close enough bond with Tychon that Ty wanted to protect him and take him to the end. This meant that Tychon would vote out Jedson instead of Breydon during Tera’s HOH week. This also meant that when Tychon was Head of Household, Breydon didn’t see the block.

Breydon’s social game was like no other. He was able to get close with the Sunsetters when the Oddballs were dismantled, and he was able to seem like a player easily manipulated, so others wanted to work with him or pull him to their side. He also, like Tychon, didn’t let emotions cloud his judgment. He was sad when his alliance and friends left, but he never stopped working and adapting. 

What do you think we’re Breydons game strengths and weaknesses on Big Brother Canada 9?

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