Who Should Win Big Brother Canada 9 [POLL]

Tonight is the grand Big Brother Canada 9 finale. In a few hours, we will know who won BBCAN9. All week, we’ve been looking back at Tychon, Tera, and Breydon’s games.  Each player has played the game to the best of their abilities. We’re all Big Brother fans here, so of course, we have opinions. We know who we think should win, so we want to hear who you think should win.

Is Breydon the best player because he’s adapted his game all season long? He never got comfortable. His alliance members would leave, and he put in work to build trust with the other side. Is Tera the best player? Tera had to fight her way to the end. She was comfortable in the beginning but had no real power. She was like an extra piece to the puzzle, but not quite important for the complete picture. By the end of the game, she became a key player in most of the major decisions. She then took out two of the strongest Big Brother Canada 9 players. First Jedson (twice), and then Kiefer in the final four eviction.

Is Tychon the best player? He was part of the dominant alliance all season. He was able to just sit back and watch everyone else do the dirty work. Then he had to get his own hands dirty, and he didn’t hesitate to vote out his BBCAN9 best friend. He was strategic with a side of ruthless. Tonight one of these three players wins Big Brother Canada 9, so let us know in the poll below who you think should win BBCAN9. Vote and comment with why you believe he or she should win.

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Join us tonight at 8:00 PM EST for the BBCAN9 finale to see if the player you believe deserves to win takes home the Big Brother Canada 9 grand prize. Make sure to add us on Facebook, Twitter, and download our app to stay up to date with all the BBCAN madness.