Big Brother Canada 9 Finale Recap: The Winner Is…

It’s been a long journey to get to tonight’s Big Brother Canada 9 finale. We’ve had good gameplay, bad gameplay, okay gameplay, and even “what the heck are you doing?” gameplay.  Now one of the final three BBCAN9 players will join the winner’s circle. Tychon, Tera, and Breydon have all played unique and win-worthy games. It just comes down to a few more competition wins and the jury casting their vote. It’s going to be one unpredictable Big Brother Canada 9 night, just like we like it.

On Wednesday’s special eviction episode, Tera won the Power of Veto.  She then had to decide whether to take out Breydon or Kiefer. Kiefer was her biggest competition, but taking Breydon may mean that she lessens her chances to make it to the final two. She had to take a gamble, and that gamble led to Kiefer’s eviction. It’s going to be a close race to the BBCAN9 finish line, but we’re finally about to witness it all unfold. Grab some popcorn and get ready for 2-hours of a wild Big Brother Canada ride.

BBCAN9 Final Head of Household Part 1

Who will win part one?

For this part of the HOH, Tera, Tychon, and Breydon must move up and down their lanes carrying disks on a hoverboard. They can only carry five at a time. The houseguest to stack all 60 disks first wins. They also have a four hour time limit.

The houseguests max out and then go to sudden death. For sudden death, they only have to stack 40 and whoever gets that stack first wins. This time they can take ten at a time.

Breydon wins the first part.

BBCAN9 Final Head of Household Part 2

Who will win part two?

Tera and Tychon had to go head to head for the second comp. They must knock all the numbers but the right one and then lock them in as the answers to the block questions.

Tera starts off strong but then gets lost on one question and it holds her back for a while. Next Tychon goes up.

Tychon struggles a bit at the beginning but then finds his groove. He also really struggles on one.

Tychon won the second part.

BBCAN9 Final Head of Household Part 3

Who will win part three?

Tychon and Breydon face off in the third round. They had to answer questions about the jury members by picking A or B answers. The player with the most points after seven questions became HOH.

Round #1- They both earned a point.

Round #2- Tychon earned a point.

Round #3-Breydon earned a point.

Round #4-They both earned a point.

Round #5-They both earned a point.

Round #6-They both earned a point.

Round #7-Tychon earned a point.

Tychon won the final round and become the final HOH.

Tychon choses to evict Tera. Taking Breydon to the final two.

The BBCAN9 Jury Segment

The Big Brother Canada 9 jury members sit down to discuss who they believe should win the game.

Anthony from BBCAN7 hosts the round table. Kiefer then joins them.

The houseguests discuss Tychon, Breydon, and Tera’s game. Jedson and Beth are a bit bitter about Tychon’s game. They all talk positive about Tera’s game and said her returning was a positive mark to her game.

They also speak positively about Breydon’s game.

BBCAN9 Question and Answers and The Final Pleas

It’s the last chance to make an impression on the jury.

Victoria goes hard on her question and asks why Tychon thought he had her.

Rohan asked Breydon about whether Tychon use him for his game.

Tina asks him to point out game moves that wasn’t just Beth and Jedson moves.

Jedson asks Breydon why he didn’t evict Kiefer when he was HOH.

Beth asked him to get her vote back.

Tera told Breydon to tell everyone why he was a force in the game.

Tychon’s speech summary: He said he was a target at the start, but he build the relationship that helped him get further in the game.

Breydon’s speech summary: Breydon said he purposely stayed under the radar as a strategy. He also escaped so many evictions.

BBCAN9 Final Vote

Victoria Votes Tychon To Win

Rohan Votes Tychon To Win

Tina Votes Tychon  To Win

Kiefer Votes Tychon To Win

Jedson Votes Tychon To Win

Beth Votes Tychon To Win

Tera  Votes Breydon To Win

Tychon won Big Brother Canada 9

BBCAN9 Canada’s Favourite Vote

On Wednesday, Arisa Cox announced that for the first season ever, the fans would be able to vote for their favorite houseguests. This houseguest would then win a cash prize of $10,000.

Kiefer wins Canada’s Favourite vote.


  • We started the episode with a long recap of the game, especially Tera, Tychon, and Breydon’s strategy and major moments.
  • The pre-jury houseguests return via video chat.
  • We got a segment of fights.
  • LaToya uses her part of the prejury to throw shade at the Jedson and Beth showmance.
  • We get a tribute to the season and the diversity.
  • We then get a look at some hot mess moments.
  • The majority of the jury chose Beth as the player with the messiest game.

That’s a wrap, folks! We hope you enjoyed Big Brother Canada 9 as much as us. We’ll see you next yar (hopefully) for Big Brother Canada 10. Make sure to add us on Facebook, Twitter, and download our app to keep up with all the BBCAN post season news and beyond.