BBCAN9 Spoilers: Who Won Big Brother Canada 9 And The Canada’s Favourite Vote? (5/06/21)

In March 2021, the Big Brother Canada 9 houseguests moved into the BBCAN9 house. It’s been a very long journey, but one worth the ride, both for viewers and the houseguests themselves. The Big Brother Canada 9 houseguests came to entertain and play the game. They did both in a way that makes us truly grateful for this season. After Big Brother Canada 8’s dramatic end due to the global pandemic, we didn’t know what to expect with this year’s cast.  They were truly a gift.

The Big Brother Canada 9 houseguests kept us entertained and confused all season long. Tonight, it all came to an end. For two hours, we watched Tychon, Tera, and Breydon battle it out for the BBCAN9 crown. Now, one of them walks away with $100,000, the experience of a lifetime, and many other cool prizes. If you were busy and missed the episode, you can find a full recap here.  You could also just stroll down to see who won the game.

We watched Tera, Tychon, and Breydon compete in the three rounds of HOH competitions. Breydon won the first round and Tychon the second.

Tychon won round 3 and the last Head of Household. He chose to evict Tera, taking Breydon to the final two.

BBCAN9 Winner Results

  • Tychon won Big Brother Canada 9 by a 6 to 1 vote. 

Tera was the only one who voted for Breydon to win the game. The rest all voted for Tychon.

On Wednesday’s Big Brother Canada 9 episode, Arisa Cox made the announcement that for the first time ever in BBCAN history, the fans would get to pick their favorite houseguest. For the last twenty-four hours, and fans have been voting and a winner was crowned tonight. This person gets the title of Canada’s Favourite Houseguest and $10,000.

BBCAN9 Canada’s Favourite Houseguest

  • Kiefer won Canada’s Favourite vote!

Are you happy with the outcome of Big Brother Canada 9? If not, who do you believe should have won the game?