Paramount Plus To Stream Previous Big Brother Canada Seasons

Global TV’s official Twitter account recently released a short teaser for Big Brother Canada 10. The teaser confirmed that the new season begins in March. This lines up with past seasons of Big Brother Canada that have also been released in March and concludes in May. The official Big Brother Canada Twitter also released some teaser images that likely hint about the theme of this season. The teasers have not given an official start date for Big Brother Canada 10, but we can assume that it likely premieres within the first week of March.  Just to be safe, you should likely leave March 2 and 3 available for a potential two-night premiere.

Though we don’t know when Big Brother Canada 10 premieres yet, we have plenty to celebrate as some major Big Brother Canada news dropped this week. This news may open the show to a whole new audience. Paramount Plus recently announced its February 2022 streaming schedule and it includes Big Brother Canada. 

On February 16, Big Brother fans can stream Big Brother Canada seasons 1-3, 5, and 7. Noticeably Big Brother Canada seasons 4, 6, 8, and the most recent season 9 are missing. These seasons may become available on Paramount Plus eventually, but right now, many of those seasons are available to stream on Global TV’s site. With some seasons of Big Brother Canada being on Paramount Plus, more people may be exposed to the series and it could help the series reach an even bigger audience. Additionally, Big Brother Canada fans who don’t have access to Global TV, may now be able to rewatch their favorite seasons.

Some Big Brother fans also hope that this Global TV and Paramount Plus partnership could lead to Big Brother Canada 10 streaming on the platform. This would be the first time that a USA audience could view the episodes as they air without a VPN.

I am excited that many new viewers will get to see Big Brother Canada now through Paramount Plus.

Will you be binge-watching previous Big Brother Canada seasons before Big Brother Canada 10 premieres?

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