Big Brother Canada
Big Brother Canada – Source: Global

Big Brother Canada 8 premieres on Global TV starting Wednesday, March 4 with 16 new Houseguests this season.

Big Brother Canada 8 Cast:

Houseguests this season remain a mystery, but in a few days we should have some answers about the new houseguests.

Big Brother Canada 8 House:

Still no look at the BBCAN house for this season but hopefully we’ll have pictures soon to share.

Big Brother Canada 8 Spoilers:

We’ll have all the spoilers from the Feeds throughout the week with details on who won HoH, who was nominated, and how the Power of Veto played out. You can always check out our Big Brother Canada spoilers page for a quick glance update on the latest.

Big Brother Canada 8 Schedule:

The BBCAN8 schedule is going to new episodes airing Wednesdays 7/6c, Thursdays 8/7c, and Sundays 8/7c. So the usual tree nights a week .

Latest Big Brother Canada 8 News & Updates:

Big Brother Canada 8 came to an abrupt end when Toronto shutdown all non-essential businesses due to the spread of the coronavirus. BBCAN8 fell into that nonessential category. This left fans with a somber conclusion [...]
It has been a week since there has been any Big Brother Canada house activity. Unfortunately, Big Brother Canada 8 had to end without any resolution. The coronavirus has taken over everyone’s lives and that [...]
Big Brother Canada 8 ended early due the shutdown of all non-essential businesses. Despite the early departure, BBCAN8 will show two more episodes. One of them airs tonight and the other next Wednesday, April 1. [...]
Big Brother Canada 8 is officially over. The BBCAN8 producers made the official announcement that production has halted on the series and the houseguests are going home. We suspected this might be the case after [...]
Update: (03/24/20 @ 2:30 pm): It’s official. Big Brother Canada 8 is over…for now. The Big Brother Canada 8 game continues despite the coronavirus and covid-19 pandemic, but recently, cases and the severity of the [...]
I really enjoyed the first two weeks of Big Brother Canada 8. I liked that the cast included a variety of personalities: people who were ready to play hard, people ready for showmances, people who [...]
This Big Brother Canada 8 week could end up being irrelevant. Sheldon won the Head of Household power for the second weekfor the second week in a row after Jama and Kyle’s removals led to [...]
Sheldon really wants everyone to think that he’s their friend, but he keeps winning Head of Household. It’s hard to keep and make friends as the man in power. He had a big meat shield [...]
This week of Big Brother Canada may be a case of déjà vu as Sheldon once again holds the power. Sheldon decided to try for this Head of Household win (instead of letting someone else [...]
  The Big Brother Canada Head of Household is the only guaranteed safe player. Minh-Ly and Micheal learned this hard lesson with their blindside nominations. Neither thought they would go on the block, but they [...]