Big Brother Canada 10 Episode 24 Recap: The Final Five Compete

BBCAN10-Betty and JoshLast week’s Big Brother Canada 10 eviction episode brought back the highly anticipated but feared triple eviction. The episode did not disappoint as three houseguests became members of the jury. It started with Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos  being blindsided by Kevin Jacobs and Haleena Gill

Then Josh Nash crawled his way off the block only to then win the Head of Household. It should have been easy sailing for Summer Sayles and Betty Yirsaw as they believed they were Josh’s closest allies. They were wrong.

Josh protected Kevin and Haleena and sent Summer and Betty to the wolves by nominating them for eviction. Luckily for Betty and Josh, Kevin and Haleena didn’t pull another blindside by saving Martin “Marty” Frenette. Marty and Summer walked out the door to join Gino.

On tonight’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode, we’ll see all the unshown triple eviction action with DRs and arguments missed. Then we’ll see who wins this week’s Head of Household Competition and who he or she decides to nominate.

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BBCAN10 Triple Eviction Fall-out

A lot happened in 60 minutes. Here’s some of the moments that we missed.

Jacey-Lynne breaks down crying over Gino’s eviction. She days she feels like she lost people in one because she lost her closet ally and guy that she’s dating.

Marty tells the other houseguests that he tips his hat to them. Jacey-Lynne confronts Marty about whether this was his plan. Marty tries to defend his decision and that he never meant Gino to leave.

Josh says in the DR that he had to nominate Marty and Jacey-Lynne as targets, but had to protect Kevin and Haleena as his crash dummies and keep Betty as his ride or die. Both Summer and Betty are surprised by his nominees. He tries to reassure Summer that she’s fine.

Summer says she feels a certain way about the nominations. She confronts him about lying about not putting her.

Jacey-Lynne confronts Haleena about lying to her. She says she blames Haleena and not Kevin because he never lied about her being her number one.

Jacey-Lynne tells Summer that she should have never been put in this position, and she will be voting her. Josh tells Haleena and Kevin to vote Betty to stay. He then tells Betty that he will put her up.

Josh then tries to lie about Summer not having her best interest. Betty then runs around to ensure that she has the votes to stay.

Everyone (minus Kevin and Haleena) are shocked with his decision to nominate Josh.

BBCAN10 Week 9 Head of Household Competition 

Who will win this week’s HOH competition and secure their spot in the final four?

We get a look at the Ika Wong shredding letter. She then shreds the final fives letters. She also roasts all of them.

For this week’s HOH competition, Ika read quotes from various competitions. They then have to guess who said it and then shred the letter.

Round #1-Everyone but Jacey-Lynne gets it right.

Round #2-Only Haleena and Betty get it right.

Round #3-Everyone gets it right.

Round #4-Betty and Jacey-Lynne get it right.

Round #5-Only Kevin get it right.

Round #6-Everyone gets it right.

Betty is the new Head of Household!

BBCAN10 Week 9 Nominations

It’s the BBCAN endgame. Does the HOH make strategic nominations or emotional ones?

The episode ended without showing who was nominated.

Random Notes

  • Fans can vote on the BBCAN website for the annual BBCAN awards. They can also vote winners from past decade.
  • Betty takes Kevin on her Wendy’s date.
  • Tychon Carter-Newman is the BBCAN winner that returned to the Wendy winner.

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