Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Week 9 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto Ceremony Logo BBCAN10

This is the Big Brother Canada 10 week that can seal a player’s game win or destroy it. The season has finally made it to the final five players, and we are less than two weeks away from crowning a winner. Every win and move matters. Betty Yirsaw was put in a power position this week. She could have used the week to get out a big game threat.

However, she made a move that could hurt her chances of winning the game. It may help her chances of getting to the Big Brother Canada 10 final three, but she has a long road to winning the season. There may just not be enough time.

Kevin Jacobs, on the other hand, has been playing chess all season while others have been playing checkers. The only way to stop Kevin from winning Big Brother Canada 10 is by taking him out of the game. And the houseguests’ chances to take him out are dwindling.

If Haleena Gill uses the Veto to save Jacey-Lynne Graham this week, then by default Betty has to nominate Kevin. If Haleena makes the bold move of ensuring Kevin’s nomination, she needs to stick the knife all the way in by voting him out with Jacey-Lynne.

If Haleena makes this move, she is highly likely to win BBCAN10. The only major issue with this betrayal is that her chances of getting to the end decrease by a lot. Jacey-Lynne may take her, but Josh Nash and Betty could easily repair up and take each other to the end. 

So it’s a gamble either way, but is taking Kevin out of the game gamble tempting enough for Haleena to attempt? 

BBCAN10 Week 9 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

  • Haleena did not use the Veto.

Oh, what a twist that would have been if Haleena stabbed her closest ally in the back. However, that’s just Big Brother Canada fan fiction. Now the week comes down to who Kevin believes is better for his game. Josh’s devotion to Kevin makes it highly likely that he stays over Jacey-Lynne. However, Kevin and Haleena have been debating who to evict already and Kevin has been considering Josh. They both know that the other player benefits their partners game. Josh helps Kevin’s game, and Jacey-Lynne helps Haleena’s game.

With Jacey-Lynne out, only Betty really stands in Kevin’s way of making it to one of the final two spots and essentially winning the game.

Jacey-Lynne will have a lot of work to do if she plans on saving her game. If Jacey-Lynne leaves, Betty needs to secure that final Veto or convince Haleena and Kevin that they need her in the final three.

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