Big Brother Canada 3 arrives in spring 2015 on a new home with Global TV taking over the hosting duties for what’s become an excellent installment in the Big Brother franchise.

Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada
Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

BBCAN’s Arisa Cox has been tapped to return in the role of host and after a few bumpy spots in the first season’s road she’s grown to nicely fit the spotlight and become an excellent face to the Big Brother Canada series.

Big Brother auditions have been ongoing across the country but will wrap up in November and semi-finalists will soon all be contacted by the casting team, Kassting Inc.

Big Brother Canada 3 premiered on March 23, 2015 with sixteen new Houseguests. Episodes air on Global each Sunday (7/6c), Monday (8/7c), and Wednesday (9/8c). Side Show episodes air Thursday (10/9c) on Slice. Fans from outside Canada can watch online for free (details here).

Unlike last season there wasn’t another venue change forcing a Big Brother Canada House overhaul. The 2.0 BBCAN house’s backyard wasn’t nearly what the first one had to offer, but the house itself is still fantastic. We’ll have to wait and see what becomes of the secret, not-so-secret-anymore, War Room!

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  1. Please take off After Dark, it is soooooooooooooooo boring….same old every night so far…Can you please get some contestants who would like to show up and play the game.

  2. For some reason I really like Brittnee and do think she has a good potential to become a fighter. But I also agree at this moment she’s acting like she’s going on a vacation, without campaigning for her staying. (Although it’s true she doesn’t have to…..)
    However she’s not like other girls who’s been “I’m just having fun and I’m so happy to be a random number in this game “. She has the potential to win(as we can see from certain comps) and she’s not like pilli who’s afraid to make a move.
    Additionally, it’s interesting she can get away from making a huge move. People are like “Brittnee got rid of my alliance and I will make Sarah pay!!!” well…I do think that’s an advantage.(>o<)
    When she was HOH she pretended she was innocent. And maybe now she's still hiding her true colors. I'm looking forward to seeing her become more ambitious to win.
    For Sarah, I'm not a fan or a hater. but sometimes she's playing too hard and telling too much lies. It's great for her to have so much information but at the same time there are a higher chance for her to become a target, because people will figure it out. Once they find out they are under the control of Sarah, it a GAME OVER. That's the way JP/Zach become a target.
    She's really good at social game, that good.

  3. these twists are interesting .but i think it was a better show when it was on slice .they sure keep the house messy wonder how they keep there own places ??? loved to showmance with Kevplar .hoping they stay together after the show .

  4. Why do the houseguests talk like scripted bad actors? It is getting kind of annoying. All of them are doing it, some worse than others. Some sound like they are yelling. They do not sound like they are speaking naturally, almost like they’ve been given a teleprompter and a gallon of caffeine first. I like the show but these people all seem like they are actors just based on how they speak. I don’t know anyone that talks like that in real life unless they have a really fake personality, like the boss that always asks how your are doing but you know they could care less.

  5. Ive watched all seasons of Big Brother Canada and Ive got to say that this is the most disgusting season ever! Big Brother interfered way too much with those twists. They should have kept their noses out of their lives on the show and left the contestants to their own devices! I for one will never ever watch the show again as you people who are running the show ruined everything. Is that how you build loyalty? Dont feel bad though because almost all the reality shows have hit the bottom of the barrel.

  6. Very disappointed Big Brothers Canada, pretty well determined the winners like it’s fix and did not let the players playing the game determine their own fate! That is crap of what they did to give the power to BRITNEY! I WILL STICK WITH THE BIG BROTHERS USA! I for one now don’t care who wins, and will stop watching it for the rest of the season, and my friends and I will be boycotting KFC and other sponsors of this show!

    • Couldn’t agree more..Fixed contest & won’t waste our time next year..Will stick with US version..The fix of briget & sarah (esp special veto krap) First guy to try & make a move & excellent player punted with no chance of veto(guess bb didn’t want him around) Leah= same krap deal & that left Bruno & Zach(note outstanding players) PUNT due to complete fix(note am sure bb would rather have had sarah win that) FIX..Guess there is a demographic the producers want to win & they blew all credibility to get there…See ya bb I just got some time back..PS You owe All the viewers(except your cherished special interest groups) an apology (on air) for this garbage(seems many feel the same) & Global it’s time to drop this show & find some other cdn (crtc sukks) content

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