Who Won Big Brother Canada? Season 3 Finale Results

Ready to find out who won Big Brother Canada 3? The season results revealed tonight when the Jury casts its votes for your new winner of BBCAN.

Final 3 on the BBCAN3 Finale night
Final 3 on the BBCAN3 Finale night – Source: Global

Before we get to the big vote we’ve still got a little house cleaning to do. Three Houseguests remain, but only two can stand before the Jury. So let’s find out who won the first two rounds as Big Brother Canada replays the action that’s been blacked out on the Feeds since the Weekend.

Remember that the winner of the first two rounds will face off in the third to become the last HoH of the season and executioner of the final eviction. Who do you think it’ll be?

Final HoH – Round 1:
It’s the end of the world (as we know it…) and the HGs must fill their buckets with the sands of time. Sand is pouring out of a container and the 3 players must fill a bucket, run it up the stairs, and pour it back in to the same draining container. This one was designed for a strong, fast, and fit player… yeah.

Sarah runs out of the sand first. Ashleigh quits and gives up. Seriously.

Godfrey wins Round 1.

The remaining two Houseguests, Sarah and Ashleigh, will face off in the second round with that winner moving on to the third round and the loser sitting on the sidelines to watch their fate play out.

Final HoH – Round 2:
HGs must connect historical events and the HGs involved. It’s on a giant wheel and magnet boards that go in between the faces.

Sarah lost by around fifteen minutes.

Ashleigh wins Round 2.

Godfrey and Ashleigh move on. Winner of the third round will decide who goes to Jury and who goes to the F2.

Final HoH – Round 3:

  • Round 1: Both get a point
  • Round 2: Godfrey gets a point
  • Round 3: Both get a point
  • Round 4: Godfrey gets a point
  • Round 5: Ashleigh gets a point
  • Round 6: Both get a point
  • Round 7: Ashleigh gets a point
  • Tied!
  • Sudden Death 1: Both get a point
  • Sudden Death 2: Both get a point
  • Tie-breaker: Godfrey is closer to the #

Godfrey wins Round 3.

The final HoH will now decide who should be evicted and who he or she wants to sit next to them at the end.

Evicted HG: Ashleigh

Final 2: Godfrey & Sarah

Evicted Juror: Jordan

Arisa reveals that Jordan’s vote was for… Sarah, but it won’t count now. Ouch for both Jordan & Sarah.

Sindy –> Sarah
Bobby –> Godfrey
Kevin –> Sarah
Bruno –> Godfrey
Willow –> Sarah
Zach –> Sarah
Pilar –> Sarah
Brittnee –> not revealed Sarah
Ashleigh –> not revealed Sarah

Winner of Big Brother Canada 3: Sarah.

Congrats to Sarah on her win and Godfrey on his runner-up achievement.

Big Brother 17 starts on June 24, 2015 so get ready to join us on BigBrotherNetwork.com. Yes, we will have our preseason interviews again this year and I’m readying myself to fly out and meet the new BB17 cast soon! Find us on Facebook and Twitter for our BB17 spoilers & updates.


  1. We need an Arisa Cox supercut showcasing the many times she says “Wow” and hold her forehead in surprise ever week.

  2. I wonder if Global TV is ever worried that Americans (and everyone else) are watching BBCAN illegally this past three seasons?

  3. I’d be impressed with Sarah if she managed to convince either God or Ash to take her to the end.

    • But would you really have to convince Godfrey to take Sarah over Ash? He has to know all her alliances. Ash convinced to take Sarah over Godfrey would be a much bigger achievement imo.

      • We just have to see. But yeah, Ash taking Sarah is surely the more game-impressive between the 2 scenarios.

  4. Wow, that was a close one!

    And I was expecting when Arisa mentioned “sudden death”, I expected whoever makes the correct answer first, they win Part 3. Oh well…

    • Britt has only covered the comp and power aspects of the game so Sarah still has an ace with the social part if she goes up against B in Final 2.

  5. Purple Cobras this, Purple Cobras that. Global is gonna shell out some serious royaltees after this.

  6. Lots of toss-ups among the jury. I know Bruno will be voting for God and Britt is a sure lock for Sarah. Not sure about the rest.

    And ooh, that jury twist later. Hopefully, it’s Bobby.

    • I don’t get that either. I thought the first year they were just nervous but now in its 3rd season it seems more like incompetence. It’s not just a little pre-broadcast, it’s hours and hours.

    • I don’t get that either. I thought the first year they were just nervous but now in its 3rd season it seems more like incompetence. It’s not just a little pre-broadcast, it’s hours and hours.

    • “You never go full under-the-radar.”

      I think it was just too much stealth mode and his subtle game went unnoticed, just as it was intended to do to get him to the end. He sure played a smart game though.

      • I think the only thing missing I. His game was an alliance. Someone to fight for him in the jury house. I think Britney and Sarah’s game heavily on luck. I would rather Ashleigh have wo n she played a better Game than Sarah. Sarah social game really wasn’t that great. Only willow and Brit liked her. She didn’t really have any rapport with anyone else.

        • Yeah, he played the lone wolf to a T. I’m surprised Bruno didn’t campaign harder for him though.

          I thought Sarah’s isolated game would have hurt her more too since she pulled back in to a corner with Britt so much. I was surprised when she talked about all her social game moves, but maybe I just missed it all. I didn’t think HGs liked her like they liked Godfrey, but even that didn’t work for him.

          I also wonder if the Jurors were influenced knowing the viewers voted Sarah & Britt all that power & didn’t want to be on the wrong side of the fans in the history books.

  7. I can respect Godfrey’s strategy to get to the end,..but to win? It’s not enough. When quizzed about “power move” his answer wasn’t convincing enough..I mean..I wasn’t satisfied.

    • A male Canadian Danielle it seems like, or at least close to anyone who played a similar lone game who I don’t recall so greatly at the moment..

      But I’m happy anyhow with who won.

    • What did sarah do to really win. Canada saved her and Brit. Godfrey did have his bases cover. He didn’t have to win the final HoH to get to the final too. If Ashleigh would have won the final HOH that’s bye bye Sarah

      • “If’s” don’t mean anything. Everything happened as it happened and Sarah does indeed deserve her credit. Godfrey had a great game with all his bases covered but that wasn’t enough for the jury. They get to vote for who they want and they saw way less then we did. They have no idea how good Godfrey was doing and what he did so all they had was his word. That wasn’t enough. Sarah’s more in your face strategy was enough to show that she played hard. While, Godfrey’s hidden strategy didn’t.

  8. Very terrible winner, this season was all about canada riigging the gamefor sarah and britnee and Sarah didn’t do anything but whine this season when things didn’t go her way and gloat non stop when she won comps, worst season winner ever and BBC has gone down in quality

    • The one I can point too as really not fair was the triple eviction. It was too much power in the hand one person. Should have done 2 double instead, 2 weeks in a row.

      • The triple eviction seemed necessary because there was still a lot of players and not enough weeks to do singles and doubles within 70 days. They’re all crunching for time.

          • I’ve comppiled a list of evictees who left the game per week, including Sindy’s second eviction:

            1. Risha
            2. Sindy, Naeha
            3. Graig
            4. Johnny
            5. Jordan
            6. Sindy
            7. Bobby, Willow, Kevin
            8. Bruno
            9. Zach, Pilar
            10. Brittnee, Ashleigh

            For 2 back to back doubles to work, a return trip from one for the first five evictees would have to be scrapped.

          • They did 2 this season, including the instant. We’ll be on a deficit by the time we reach Week 9.

            Without a TE, it would only mean doing a third double on Week 9, scrapping F4 and head straight to Final 3 for two weeks.

          • We would still be left with a week without an eviction.

            Less than 16 housemates would have allowed more flexibility but since we got 16 this season, a TE proved to be sufficient to keep things rolling.

      • Am glad Sarah won. Tripple eviction saved her once n from that point she fought hard to stay in the house.

    • Remember Canada’s HoH last season? The power alliance was dominating the game then production stepped in & dismantled it. If they keep this up it’ll seem the BBCAN version relies heavily on outside (viewer) control. And I guess that’s fine if they want to make it their “thing” and everyone knows going in, but dang that’d be a tough game as a HG to play (as Dr. Will pointed out).

      • Well, let’s just hope gameplay there doesn’t stagnant the way BB16 had when one side kept winning all the way to the end.

        • As long as they don’t follow BBCAN’S lead it won’t be that bad and I’d rather see people win on their ownedits than all these “twists” this year I’ve been watching all these big brothers for years and this is the first time im dissapointed

          • I actually like what BBCAN is doing just so they don’t feel anything like BBUS-lite. Some people like it, some people don’t, the same way that BBUS is as hated (no tasks nor missions to earn luxuries and rewards for the whole house each and every week, punishment for rule-breaking, etc) and liked (strategy, open discussions of nominations, a lax and pre-recorded Big Brother) by the over-all BB fandom.

          • They used to in the early episodes but they said something about contestants getting too drunk so they limit their alcohol i dont know if that is American thing and now its more about the individual winning for luxuries for themselves plus they have fan favorite which usually gives 3 people a chance to win big money

  9. Sarah deserved that win! Godfrey deserved 2nd and Ash deserved 3rd. In my very humble opinion. I think they all had good games but Sarah and God were playing as soon as they got into the house up until the last second. Ash floated in a ton of different alliances and then won when she needed too but then gAVE UP IN THAT FIRST HOH. I was shocked.

    It had its ups and downs. Good twists and bad twists, enjoyable houseguests and boring ones but all in all I liked this season and it has a great winner!

    • Having been spoiled by a several BB’s around the world (Philippines, UK, US, and AU) I’ve grown really appreciative by any attempt from production to shake the game up to keep the cast on their toes while entertaining us at the same time on both the feeds and the highlight shows.

      Sometimes twists can work, sometimes they don’t. Lord knows how many twists in the US show that seem like promising ideas on paper that were poorly executed (Couples, Duos, Coaches, MVP, Team America), and those that could easily fall flat but hit the right note when we least expected it (Switching twins, returning juror, Pandora’s Box, etc).

      And it can’t be “expect the unexpected” if everyone are all expecting things to happen. That simply does not work for Big Brother. And certainly, the show is more than just “Survivor in a house” because that one relies on a good cast while BB relies on both a good cast and good amount of twists and turns to keep itself afloat as a real-time interactive show.

      Haters gonna hate but BBCAN3 has brought more to the table as an evolved version of the format than what BBUS has been giving for the past 2.

      The US show needs to really step it up because we are sure to hear a lot of whining next month on BBN about how boring the feeds are once the new season is up and running.

      • I agree, I agree, I agree, wholeheartedly!

        The last 2 BBUS seasons have been a bore, minus Derrick last season. If they cast people who just want to be on the show to become famous then they might as well give us twist after twist to shake it all up and give us some good, watchable TV.

        I loved this season and I hope that BBUS either picks a great cast or adds in some twists like the returning jurors or especially pandora’s box to live up to its motto “expect the unexpected” as BBCAN3 has.

        Let’s hope for a great BBUS season though! This season may make or break whether I’ll continue to watch BBUS.

  10. This was so stupid i hope all the sheep who are on the Sarah win are happy but the real underdog lost and all the ridiculous twists this year helped crybaby Sarah win no more BEVAN for me this year sucked!

  11. I am a huge big brother fan, but this season of BB 3 Canada goes down as having the worst cast ever!.
    I did not enjoy this season at all, didn’t even care to watch the finale.
    The twists are good but not to the point where the game becomes a game of luck. Kevin and Bruno went out while Brittanee and Sarah stayed in…. Not fair! The show needs twists and excitement I agree but it needs to be done inside the house with not too much help from the outside.
    I felt the cast this year was boring, the diary rooms are a highlight for me and most of personalities fell flat or unoriginal. It was more of a college dorm scene, there needs to me more of an eclectic mix.
    I think that just like this year having an evicted juror; the last of the three to win the two out three comps should get an extra vote. Also there needs to be a twist that forces the hand of ‘showmances’ like Canada offering a bonus to have an unlikely pairing or group to work t like they did with Derrick /Frankie / Donny . C’mon Canada! Let’s make this more of game of strategy and behaviour; with some help… Not all luck.

    • Worse cast? Worse than BB16’s mega-alliance destroying the other side while still stupid enough to not turn against each other until it’s too late?

  12. God was going to the final no matter what. He didn’t have a chance at the final unless he faced Pilar, who was sitting in the jury. Truth is, if Zach was more cautious..JP would have been taken off and Godfrey home, his game play was weak at best. Worst of all this year were the Twistos Twist, which crippled all game play this season. I get the idea of having some, but not ones that alter it that much that often. That is what robbed Kevin, Bruno in the house…the B hidden one was the biggest joke of all. She didn’t have to find anything nor do anything. It popped up from the floor and unlike Sindys 1 chance opportunity, she had unlimited as she eventually just stood there and played with numbers. It would have saved time for a producer to walk in and give it to her. So after a gruelling HOH for Ash, it meant squat. B got to be HOH essentially for 2wks(1st time ever) give the SAFE sign plus choose who goes up and then gets a bloody vote of her own choices as Ash sat there with zero ability of all her work. BBC is a great game with many abilities needed by house guests…let’s let the game decide the game, as a large number of very weak players were in the final 6 and final 3. Yes Sara deserved to beat Godfrey, but this BBC season and winner can’t hold a candle to the first couple seasons…PLEASE PLEASE get back to the Game Play and let the house guests you choose to find a winner..Congrats to Sarah and look forward to BBC4

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