Big Brother Canada Winner Sarah Hanlon Credits Twist & Critical HoH

Last night on the Big Brother Canada 3 finale Houseguest Sarah Hanlon faced off against Godfrey Mangwiza before the Jury where Sarah won by a 7-2 vote.

Sarah Hanlon wins Big Brother Canada 3
Sarah Hanlon wins Big Brother Canada 3 – Source: Global

If you managed to avoid the season finale spoilers revealed hours before broadcast, it was an exciting finale that kept us surprised on what was going to happen next. Godfrey pulled out two clutch wins to decide the final eviction where he sent Ashleigh out to the Jury and brought Sarah along with him.

Ultimately the Jury preferred Sarah’s strategy to Godfrey’s and overwhelmingly voted her the winner with support for Godfrey only coming from Bruno and Bobby.

Speaking with Shaw Media, Sarah credited her success in part to the season’s big twist and winning a critical follow-on comp.

“I honestly felt like I was going to be out every single week. It turned around when Brittnee used the Have Not super power and I won HOH right after – that’s when I thought that I might have a shot to get to the end. I still can’t believe it though, it’s so surreal!” said Sarah Hanlon.

That was undeniably a turning point in the season as we saw the string of evictions for Kevin, Willow, Bruno, and Zach in quick succession leaving Sarah to fend off comp-throwing Godfrey and frequently comp-challenged Pilar. The landscape of threats rapidly changed and left an opening for Sarah to be taken to the F2 where she secured the Jury votes and $100K prize.

Congrats to Sarah on her big win and kudos to Godfrey on his runner-up achievement and humble attitude toward the Jury’s decision. Now on to Big Brother 17 starting this June on CBS.