Sarah Hanlon is among the the Big Brother Canada 3 cast and hopes to make her mark by leading the “misfits” of the Big Brother house.

Sarah Hanlon - Big Brother Canada 3

The 27-year-old works as a “hemployee” at a vapor lounge and calls herself open-minded, goofy and smart. As already mentioned, Sarah says she wants to be the Queen of the misfits. “I want to be what unites the stragglers,” she says. “The cool kids in the house will initially make the rules and then everyone will get sick of being told what to do by them. I’ll wait until the misfits are just sick enough and then I’ll snap into high gear. That’s when it’ll get real and I’ll show people that I’m in it to win it.”

Sarah admits that she’s afraid of the BBCAN3 physical challenges but will put her mind to work for memory challenges to make up for her lack of physicality.

And what if she wins the big prize at the end? “I’d love to give back to the people who helped me along the way like my partner, Scott,” Sarah says. “He helped me get through school. I’d love to do the same for him.”