Global Orders Big Brother Canada 4 For 2016 Season

Congratulations to Big Brother Canada as Global orders a 4th season set to arrive in 2016 after another strong ratings run for the young franchise installment.

Big Brother Canada 4
Big Brother Canada 4 arrives in 2016 – Source: Global

In its first season on Global after starting out on Slice Big Brother Canada grew its audience by 40% and earning a spot in the Top 20 for television programming.

It wasn’t just the show that did well though as Big Brother Live Feeds engagement increased by 33% over the past season and deliver 1.6 million hours of viewed footage. By my math that means there were approximately 5.2 million shouting ads injected over whispering strategy sessions. RAMADA!!

I had a blast sharing the season with all of you this year even if round three ended up less exciting than the previous two. We’ll just have to hold out hope for a quick recovery with Big Brother Canada 4.

In the meantime, we’re ramping up for Big Brother 17 with the season premiere just a few weeks away! Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email to get more BBCAN updates when the series returns.

Source: Shaw Media via Captain