Godfrey Mangwiza could be a lot of fun for us on Big Brother Canada 3, but his stir-the-pot plans could put him in his own pot of trouble if things don’t work out the way he’s expecting.

Godfrey Mangwiza - Brother Brother Canada 3 Houseguest

This 22 year old psychology student was born in Zimbabwe and raised by his grandmother before traveling to Canada where he’s set to join the BBCAN3 cast as a self-described “charismatic, indecisive, crazy” individual.

Godfrey has big plans for his stay as a Houseguest with hopes to create paranoia and distraction from the game, but that approach rarely seems to work out well, but hey, it should be good fun for us to watch as he shakes things up and sets his own bed on fire (not literally, of course).

If Godfrey Mangwiza is the winner of Big Brother Canada 3 then he plans to pay off his student debt and bring his grandmother over from the UK they can be reunited. We’ll find out soon just how his strategy and plans for BBCAN work out.