Big Brother Canada 3: Is Godfrey A Lock For Final Two?

If Godfrey Mangwiza’s skillful navigation of the Big Brother season has surprised you then you’re probably not alone as he arrives at the steps of the season finale. Now his entire strategy is about to be put to the test as the F3 becomes F2 and goes before the Jury.

Godfrey shocks his fellow BBCAN3 Houseguests
Godfrey shocks his fellow BBCAN3 Houseguests – Source: Global

If you’re trying to avoid spoilers and predictions ahead of tonight’s BBCAN3 episode then skip the discussion ahead and check back on this review tomorrow. Otherwise, let’s take a look at why Godfrey should be guaranteed a spot in the Final Two.

We already know Ashleigh won the last Veto so she isn’t going anywhere and she’ll be doing the voting. There’s simply no way she would have decided at the eviction to keep Sarah’s ally to face off against them yet again. Brittnee is gone and we’ll get that confirmed tonight.

A Final 3 of Sarah and Ashleigh with Godfrey in the middle sounds like the perfect opportunity for a player who has remained subtle and visibly neutral through most of the season.

Sarah knows Ashleigh has far more allies in the Jury House than she does and Ashleigh might have the same fears of Sarah, but I don’t think she should.

Both ladies have a strong win record with 2 HoHs for Sarah and 1 for Ashleigh plus 1 Veto for Sarah and 3 straight Vetoes for Ashleigh. Of course neither of them won anything until Week 8 when most of the house was gone, but they’ve still got wins on the season’s record books and that’s what may count most to the Jury.

What about Godfrey’s wins? Zippo. Correction: He won a Veto in Week 6. It’s an appealing position and you know he’s been working the angle that he’s the perfect accessory for any fine Final Two HG.

Godfrey has played a fantastic social game that simply hasn’t required any wins. Instead he’s worked on relationships and manipulation to keep himself in the game even against big odds. Of course a little luck has helped him along, but not as much as some others who didn’t even make it as far.

If Sarah wins the Final HoH then she should fear Ashleigh more than Godfrey and I think she would just enough to take a perceived “easy win” to the end. Then again Sarah wanted to take Brittnee to the end, so go figure on her strategy approach.

If Ashleigh wins the Final HoH then I do think she could beat either of them, but considering their past history of opposition, she may naturally want to send Sarah to the Jury and keep Godfrey.

Would Godfrey win the Final HoH or is that against his strategy? At this stage you might want to start grabbing for control, but you risk finally appearing as a threat so unless Godfrey is confident he can win the necessary two rounds he may throw this one away too.

What would you do if you were in the F3? Take Godfrey to the end and consider him an easy defeat or has his relationships and social game made him too much of a threat at the end?

The Big Brother Canada 3 season finale is this Wednesday at 8/7c on Global.