Big Brother Canada 3: Is Godfrey A Lock For Final Two?

If Godfrey Mangwiza’s skillful navigation of the Big Brother season has surprised you then you’re probably not alone as he arrives at the steps of the season finale. Now his entire strategy is about to be put to the test as the F3 becomes F2 and goes before the Jury.

Godfrey shocks his fellow BBCAN3 Houseguests
Godfrey shocks his fellow BBCAN3 Houseguests – Source: Global

If you’re trying to avoid spoilers and predictions ahead of tonight’s BBCAN3 episode then skip the discussion ahead and check back on this review tomorrow. Otherwise, let’s take a look at why Godfrey should be guaranteed a spot in the Final Two.

We already know Ashleigh won the last Veto so she isn’t going anywhere and she’ll be doing the voting. There’s simply no way she would have decided at the eviction to keep Sarah’s ally to face off against them yet again. Brittnee is gone and we’ll get that confirmed tonight.

A Final 3 of Sarah and Ashleigh with Godfrey in the middle sounds like the perfect opportunity for a player who has remained subtle and visibly neutral through most of the season.

Sarah knows Ashleigh has far more allies in the Jury House than she does and Ashleigh might have the same fears of Sarah, but I don’t think she should.

Both ladies have a strong win record with 2 HoHs for Sarah and 1 for Ashleigh plus 1 Veto for Sarah and 3 straight Vetoes for Ashleigh. Of course neither of them won anything until Week 8 when most of the house was gone, but they’ve still got wins on the season’s record books and that’s what may count most to the Jury.

What about Godfrey’s wins? Zippo. Correction: He won a Veto in Week 6. It’s an appealing position and you know he’s been working the angle that he’s the perfect accessory for any fine Final Two HG.

Godfrey has played a fantastic social game that simply hasn’t required any wins. Instead he’s worked on relationships and manipulation to keep himself in the game even against big odds. Of course a little luck has helped him along, but not as much as some others who didn’t even make it as far.

If Sarah wins the Final HoH then she should fear Ashleigh more than Godfrey and I think she would just enough to take a perceived “easy win” to the end. Then again Sarah wanted to take Brittnee to the end, so go figure on her strategy approach.

If Ashleigh wins the Final HoH then I do think she could beat either of them, but considering their past history of opposition, she may naturally want to send Sarah to the Jury and keep Godfrey.

Would Godfrey win the Final HoH or is that against his strategy? At this stage you might want to start grabbing for control, but you risk finally appearing as a threat so unless Godfrey is confident he can win the necessary two rounds he may throw this one away too.

What would you do if you were in the F3? Take Godfrey to the end and consider him an easy defeat or has his relationships and social game made him too much of a threat at the end?

The Big Brother Canada 3 season finale is this Wednesday at 8/7c on Global.


  1. Actually, Sarah won an HoH in week 3. She went just as far as Brittnee in the competition. She won that with Britt. She just gave Britt the title. She was not HoH but she did win the comp. A win is still a win!

      • Yeah that’s what I said. She was NOT HOH but she won the COMP. Winning the comp doesn’t necessarily has to mean winning the power as well and vice versa. Works both ways

        Libra won a POV comp but missed the actual POV.
        Chelsia got the POV yet lost the POV comp, same thing with Alison (BBCAN2)

        Sarah won an HoH comp but missed the actual HoH. Still a win! Could go to her resume.

        • My main point was she didn’t win that comp on her own. We can’t say it was her doing or Britt’s doing or some balance of the two. Same reason we don’t add in team comp wins from HN comps. You can’t say “I did this.”

          Sarah did not win that HoH comp. Sarah+Britt won that HoH comp. It’s an achievement, but it’s not a “Me” achievement and that’s what I’m comparing here.

  2. I wouldn’t say that Ash could beat either just because she has “friends” in jury. The only guarantee votes for Ash are Pily and prob Zach. Sure JP and Kevin were in Diapers as well but Ash did not exactly establish a decent relationship with those two. She had to go to Zach to connect with JP and Pilly to connect with Kevin. I mean Kevin literally told Sarah his ultimate plan when he was HOH in week 7 BEFORE he told Ashleigh, or Zach Their votes are still up in the air.

    Regarding chop shop, if she takes Gofdrey she probably will get willow but not Bruno, vice versa if she takes Sarah. I don’t buy that “Wilow is bitter” sob story for 1 sec. Bobby would reflect on Bruno most likely. So Ash will get more votes from Chop Shop if she takes Sarah. Heck, if Willow IS bitter then she better takes Sarah. Yet you said she fears taking Sarah with her to F2

    If SSB are all in jury, who knows how they will vote. Probably leaning towards Godfrey.

    Regardless, I can’t really see a lot of votes would just fall on Ash lap just like that. She still would have to do a lot of convincing. Is she a better speaker than Sarah/Godfrey? Based on her DR and ceremony speeches, I don’t think so.

    • Although alliances in the house have some factor in the jurors decision…it isn’t the be all and end all on how they come to that final decision. A lot of the times as we seen in the past especially when jurors have spent time together in jury…they become more analytical than emotional in placing their votes…they change their minds and judge based on the F2 players that are left and how they played the game. So past history in the house is only an indication but it is not always etched in stone.

    • If Ash wins out to make it to F2 & loses to Godfrey? Then it’s because Canada blocks half her votes & the jury is bitter & continues the trend of why a girl can’t beat a guy in F2

  3. I’ve never seen so many fans praise a game that has had no social influence or made moves. Maybe it’s all the TV time & DRs he gets on the show but he has done nothing in the house to win against either of those girls. He’s a male Victoria. What social game? & who he manipulate & what did they do because of him?

    • I’ve praised his play that’s made him the perfect person to collect that 2nd place check. I don’t believe I said anything above that he’s outplayed either of the other F3’s.

      He’s not a male Victoria though. She tried like hell to win things & was a disaster. Meanwhile she was simply an enabler for those around her. Godfrey’s position is a result of his strategy, not getting dragged along to the end (Victoria).

    • I completely disagree… Victoria hung on to Derrick and rode him through the game… did she even talk to any of the other house guests!? Godfrey has been a target AND after every “ceremony” in the game he makes sure and goes to each house guest separately and reassures them hes got their back, he says everything they wanna hear, its a divide and conquor strategy… I’m not saying hes played a better game then Sarah or Ashleigh, I think they all played very different games… Sarah used Brittnee to make all her strategic moves cause she couldnt actually win anything (until the end)… Ashleigh used Zach as a shield and did litterally nothing and then she won 3 straight vetos… to stay in… but I think Godfrey has most social/strategic game… he has everyone wanting to trust him… I think he’s just as deserving to win as either of those girls.. and anyone who doesn’t think so hasn’t been paying attention to his game imo

  4. Zack said in his exit interview he thought Sarah would win so maybe he’ll vote for her even if she’s up against Ashleigh. I don’t think Zack and Ash were as tight as we think, he knew she favored Pilar over him and if he’s a BB fan I can’t see him appreciating Ash’s game over Sarah’s. I can’t see Kevin voting for Ash, Pilar would but who else?

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