Tonight On Big Brother Canada 3: Veto & Eviction – Week 10

Tonight on Big Brother Canada 3 the Houseguests face a surprise eviction when they learn there are just days left in the season as this week’s Veto holder will be calling the shots.

Ashleigh is shocked by the returning BBCAN3 HG
Ashleigh is shocked by BBCAN3 – Source: Global

Over the weekend the final four HGs of BBCAN3, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Godfrey, and Sarah, faced off in the Veto competition to decide who would be the only vote of the week. If Sarah, as HoH, won the power then she’d be able to keep her noms and let Brittnee vote, but if Ashleigh or Godfrey could win then they’d be safe and do the voting with Brittnee on the block.

The Big Brother Feeds were turned off on Saturday after we learned who won the last Veto but stopped short of getting confirmation of our expectations for the surprise eviction.

Tonight on Global at 8/7c we’ll get to see how the Veto played out and who was evicted from the F4 just shy of making the three-round final HoH competition.

Then on Wednesday at 8/7c the season finale airs and we’ll find out who will win Big Brother Canada 3. We’ll get a special two-hour finale that night so settle in for the big results!


  1. Such a disappointing BBC season 3, hopefully BB U.S. starting soon and The Amazing Race Canada starting in July will cheer us up. It can’t be any worse than this…or can it?

      • On this one, I think bad luck played a part, because I feel we had the players to make it as good as previous year, but all the better players went out earlier than they should have gone.

        • If Pilar had gone that first night then we might have seen a much different result from a lot of things. Or heck, if Sindy had put up a guy instead of another girl. Such a bad move for her, but not surprising considering the way the ladies combat each other in this game.

          • You can come up with a lots of IF …. No way to really know what would happen. But one thing for sure that special veto come in the game way to late. Should have been a twist before the triple eviction. And maybe that triple eviction was too much power to one HOH. Make it a double and have another double instead. You have a whole different game.

  2. Based on past reality shows, Season 3 or 4 usually determines the longevity of a show. Survivor hasn’t been on for years and years because they changed the scenario of the show and added crazy twists. It is what it is because they have kept it pretty much the same every year and viewers can count on that. Change isn’t always good. People don’t necessarily like change, especially if it dramatically skews it’s original form. Unfortunately I think that Big Brother Canada is way off track from what it was and what it should be. So much to the point that id bet money that if there even is a season 4, that could be the last, unless they get back to the roots of the show and return it to its former glory. The twists sucked. I agree. I also agree that they were unfair and definitely skewed the game. I think there will be a major loss of viewers next season, as previously mentioned, maybe even such a loss that it will be cancelled. At this point, I’d be ok with Big Brotner Canada being cancelled. It’s nothing like BBUS, that show is about the game, this is nothing more than production using their power and control from behind the scenes to manipulate the outcome. That’s not what Big Brother is about. At the end of the day, there will always be BB Canada fans, but I think after this season, there won’t be enough to keep it on the air and the only one to blame is the network and production. As always, one or two people ruin a good thing for everyone else. Disgusting.

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