Big Brother Canada 3: Who Will Win? [POLL]

The final three Houseguests on Big Brother Canada 3 are Ashleigh, Godfrey, and Sarah. Only one will walk away with $100K and a lifetime supply of Oxi-Clean (I think). So who is going to win BBCAN3?

Big Brother Canada 3 - Final 3 Houseguests
Big Brother Canada 3 – Final 3 Houseguests – Source: Global

Wednesday night’s finale episode will reveal who won out in the final HoH competition to evict one last HG and set us up for the Final 2 before the Jury. But before those votes can be cast one Jury member will be eliminated in the latest twist for a season that wasn’t going to have anymore twists.

Who will the Jury vote to win the money and bragging rights? Should it be Ashleigh, Godfrey, or Sarah?

Ashleigh has ended the season guns blazing with a rapid series of crucial wins for her game to stay in the house and control the outcome. She’s got a lot of former allies in the Jury, but will they see her game as a standalone from her closest ally Zach?

Godfrey went the lone wolf route this season and couldn’t have pulled it off any better so far. He’s used low key visibility and a social game that has rarely put him at odds with the other Houseguests. It’ll be hard for the Jury to talk poorly about his social aspects, but what will they say of his competitive play?

Sarah took a mix of the two with a tighter alliance group of Brittnee, Willow to an extent, and briefly Sindy while staying on the outskirts of the social game. Tempers flared with some of the Houseguests which could damage her social angle, but a strong competitive record makes her a threat before the Jury.

The Jury will decide on Wednesday night, but you can vote now as we prepare for the Big Brother Canada 3 season finale Wednesday night at 8/7c only on Global!