How To Stream Big Brother Canada 11

Big Brother Canada Season 11

Big Brother Canada 11 has officially come to an end. It’s been a long ride from the March premiere to the May finale. We saw sixteen houseguests walk in, three self-evictions, plenty of fights, the ups and downs of a showmance, and one person crowned the Big Brother Canada 11 winner.

We witnessed history with the 10th winner of the show being crowned. It was a season full of fights, strategizing, comp beasting, and waffles. It was also a historical season because it was the first Big Brother Canada season without any Live Feeds. This made the episodes more important than ever.

If you missed this season, or want to relive some of the moments, then you may be wondering how to stream Big Brother Canada 11. Here is how to do it.

How To Stream Big Brother Canada 11 If You Live In Canada 

Canadian viewers have plenty of streaming options. You can watch the episodes on Big Brother Canada’s official website. It currently has all 29 episodes available. You can also go to Global Tv’s official site and watch all 29 episodes. Global TV also gives you the option to download the app to watch the episodes.

If you have StackTv (via Amazon Prime Video) then you can watch the episodes that way as well.

How To Stream Big Brother Canada 11 If You Live In The United States 

Currently, Big Brother Canada 11 is not available to stream in the United States. However, past seasons are currently available on Paramount +. You can stream Big Brother Canada Season 1-7, then season 9.

As you may remember, Big Brother Canada 8 stopped filming because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is why it’s not available on Paramount+. Eventually, we expect that Big Brother Canada 10 and Big Brother Canada 11 will be available on Paramount+. We will update this post once both seasons are streaming on that streaming app. Therefore, you may want to bookmark it and check later.

If you don’t want to rewatch or watch the entire season, we have recaps for every Big Brother Canada 11 episode available on this site.

Big Brother Canada 11 is over, but we may have more postseason content coming. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more recaps, spoilers, exclusives, and much more.