Who Won Big Brother Canada 11?

It’s been a long season but it has all come to an end. After a two-hour Big Brother Canada 11 finale, we now know who won the season. The episode started with Ty, Claudia, and Daniel all trying to win the Big Brother Canada 11 final Head of Household Competition.

Claudia won the first part of this final HOH competition. Then it was up to  Ty and Daniel to face off again in part 2. This time, Ty won it. This set up a final  Head of Household part 3 showdown between Claudia and Ty. Claudia won it. As the final HOH, she had to decide who to take with him to the final two. Claudia decided to take Ty to the finals.

Ty and Claudia became the final two. The final two Big Brother Canada 11 houseguests then had to answer a series of questions about their games. They were then given the chance to plead for the Big Brother Canada 11 juror’s votes.

The votes went as followed:

Dan S voted for Ty to win.

Jonathan voted for Ty  to win.

Santina voted for Ty to win

Hope voted for Ty to win.

Kuzie voted for Ty to win.

Shanaya voted for Claudia to win.

Renee voted for Ty to win.

Anika voted for Ty to win.

Daniel voted for Ty  to win.

Ty won Big Brother Canada 11.

As the Big Brother Canada 11 winner,Ty takes home $100,000. The winner also will have $10,000 for a brand-new wardrobe courtesy of WINNERS, and $10,000 worth of Shark and Ninja products.

Are you happy Ty won Big Brother Canada 11?

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